Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Green Green Green Hooray!!

At long last we have some green, not much warm but the plants are trying to make an appearance. Today was in the low 60's, better but not great. Of course the weather men do not make it much better, they keep reminding us that last year at this time it was 85. Gee, thanks a bunch guys. I have 3 large orders coming from Spring Hill, just when not sure. Will keep me busy when they arrive. They keep luring me into their website with offers and pictures of all the beautiful flowers. I succumbed to the siren song of Apricot Princess, a low growing rose bush. I now have a slightly larger tiller, which when I can get it started and figure out how it works, should be a big help. I went to an auction and got it for $15.00, not bad. I thought of Violet Lady as Elvira and I strolled around, the violets are coming up all over the place. No flowers yet but should not be too much longer.

Lots have happened in the last two weeks, the most major being that I gave my notice at the club. It was a much more physical job then I had anticipated and my back was not liking it at all. To me being a manager is more brain then brawn, but here I was expected to do the cooking, cleaning and putting stock away, etc. I don't mind helping out but being on my feet 8-10 hours a day just was not working. I finally came to the conclusion that if I was going to be in this much pain I might as well be making money for us. So, I am going full bore ahead on my pet treats. I am also going to work on getting my catering things together and find out what the laws are here to set up. Most states will let you have a home bakery as long as it is separate from your regular kitchen. We have a large extra long two car garage that has all the heavy duty wiring. I already have most of my equipment out there, just need to get it organized. I know we will have to put up washable wall covering, this is purchased in sheets like paneling. I have all the sinks, even my hot water heater out of my old shop. So, my summer will be busy. So, onward and upward!!

I hope everyone is well and enjoying their Spring, in the case of our Southern friends almost Summer. I see all the pictures of your yards and am envious, but my turn will come.

Best to all , Barbara

Thursday, April 17, 2008


The weather report said rain but coming home there was sleet, I say "No Fair". In retrospect there are worse things, tornadoes, floods, etc so I will cease my whining for the moment. I did find some brave tulips poking their little leaves up, and what I believe might be some of my jonquils. We have had some pretty sunrises and days of sun and the cold is not quite so bitter, next I will be able to open windows and enjoy the breeze. The golfers have been able to play, although I will admit to thinking they are crazy. One of the days we were having 30 mph winds and gusts to 50, maybe good resistance training? There is green starting to show, and the dandelions are taking off. My birds and chinchilla are enjoying fresh tasty salad, the plus side to weeds,lol.

We had our busiest night yet and made our way through it with good feedback from the customers. There were not all that many people, they just all ordered at once and as I keep saying " I am not a cook". I can cook and do, but have not had enough practice to be totally organized or on top of it all. I truly admire a good cook or chef, watching them is like seeing a dance. I did get the food out in fairly good time, but will be much happier when I have a professional in the kitchen. Heather my one trusty bartender jumped in and helped so we stressed and laughed our way through it. I had a few more people come in and two of them are Seniors and seem to be pretty together and are willing to learn what ever we have to teach. I plan on training them to serve, cook and tend bar so that they will be versatile, they seem to like the idea. The 4Th and 5Th of May I have two tournaments and am hoping to have some at least a skeleton crew, but am getting worried. There will be between 50 and 100 on the 4Th and around 50 on the 5Th so will be fairly busy. Of course these numbers are guesses, those little mysteries of life. If you don't hear from me just figure I went screaming out of town, having totally lost my mind.

If I yawn much more I will swallow the keyboard, so will sign off for now. I wish you answers to dreams and enjoyment in what you have. Barbara

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I went Ice Skating this morning!

I had not planned on it, but all the rain we had mixed with some snow and ta da, slick steps and walk. Not only that but the roads were coated also, I found that out when I went onto the pavement from the gravel and tried to shift gears. All in all an exciting drive to town first thing in the morning. The utility company called and told me they had some empty spools I could have. When I went in to pay my bill earlier in the week I asked if they ever had any empty ones and how do you get them. I want to make a playground for the goats and these spools will be wonderful for them to jump on. There is a house we go past now and then that has all kinds of ramps and bridges for their goats, I don't think we are going to get that wild.

The weather is all over the map, we actually had some warm weather the first part of last week. From Thursday on it has been awlful, rain, high winds, cold, snow, yuck. I was wishing that my plants were coming up, now I am glad they didn't they would have frozen. Hopefully this is the last of the really cold and Spring can make an entrance.

This is Elvira and her cat, he took up residense in our barn over the winter and when ever Elvira and I go out to walk around he joins us. He rubs all over her and she gives him kisses and they chase each other around. I keep thinking I will take him in and get him fixed, but not sure if I can claim him as mine. He disappears now and then but always comes back, so would not want someone to get upset with me for "fixing" their cat.