Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Meme from Violet Lady

Here are the meme rules:

1. Write your own six word memoir

2. Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you’d like

3. Link to the person that tagged you in your post to this original post if possible so we can track it as it travels across the blogosphere

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I need to think this one through, but the basics are here.

There are times that I get very frustrated here,lol. I am trying to add something after this and it keeps messing up. or I do. Ok, this is a link to a magazine on line that Garden Goose and her Hubby do and it is very, very good. I am putting this link here as she is having a contest which I
am trying to enter.

The Day After

The Day after the big event and I survived. The pizza was a hit, I was so pleased they liked it. This is a pizza dough that you make and has to raise in the fridge for about 24 hours before you can use it. I love the smell and taste of it, but being in a new area with different tastes made me nervous. I make the sauce starting with a puree and then add all kinds of goodies and let it simmer for ages. Part of the stress was that I was not sure of numbers, ended up with about 20 and had enough ingredients for all. I do so want to thank you for all the kind comments, Jim says I am a perfectionist and that is why I stress so. I just always want to make sure everyone has a good time and enjoys themselves. Maybe by the time I am 80 or so I will learn to have faith in myself and my skills, if I could do that I could probably enjoy these things more. As soon as the first slices went out and nothing was left on the plates I began to relax. I made these on the big restaurant size trays so for a pizza party it is super. This was a trial and error session and we learned how fast they would cook ,how many we could serve and figured it would be great when we have the groups of younger golfers during season. One of the ladies who had worked there before came in to help and she did great, so now I have one good person on the list.

I realize in some part of my mind that to tie myself into knots over this type of thing is not good. On the other hand I would not want to be a blase(sp?) type person with the "Like it or Lump it" type of take on things. There should be a happy medium there somewhere. When I lie in bed at night and think of all the really big and important things going on it does seems silly. There is David from over at Drunk with Barley who is sitting in Scotland waiting for his visa to straighten out so he can go home to Wyoming and his wife, now that is stress. There are people with sick loved ones who need our prayers and really horrible things out in the wide world. I truly hope that I never become immune to all that surrounds me. Sometimes I feel selfish when I stand in the yard and am surrounded with so much beauty. I wish I could send some of my peace and quiet to those that need it. The love I get from my critters and the feeling of being needed. Life is so short to figure this all out.

I made a treasury of fellow photographers over at etsy and received a note back from one of them thanking me for including her. At the end she said she missed talking to me, that made me feel so good to know that things I had said and done had been noticed. At times it is as if you are in a vacuum and you just bumble along trying.. Out of the blue you get a note or a phone call that says something neat.One of my oldest sons friends remembered me and had some nice things to say on his youtube account, I sort of felt immortalized,lol.

Thank you for visiting and listening , Barbara

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Great End to the Day

I did not realize so much time had flown by until I checked the last post, time just seems to be flying. Looking at the messages left ends my day on such a great note, thank you for taking the time to visit, you help to make my days.

Wow, all kinds of things going on! I watched the eclipse and it was as awesome as it had been advertised. Quite often when there is this type of event the weather does not seem to cooperate, this time I lucked out big time. Not only was the weather clear but I could see it through my window, too cold to go out. The next morning when I went to let the dog out, the moon was so bright and clear through the trees. Just beautiful.

We have had a few days of warmer weather here and there, kind of like a roller coaster. The past couple of days we actually had sun too, what a gift. Standing in the yard listening to the birds and feeling the warmer air, Spring is stirring. The weather is uncertain for the next couple of day, but there does not seem to be any sub zero on the horizon. Friday the hay I had been waiting for arrived and I helped load it into the barn, bales this time and easier to move around. Saturday was for purchasing bags of feed and then people and indoor critter food. Jim was stuck at work so I moved the 6 50 pound bags of feed in plus a 50 pound bag of lime that I use to keep the stalls fresh. As I was toting them in I thought of all the money I was saving by not having to pay for the gym. It was a pleasant surprise that my back did not bother me much at all, I guess all this weight training is paying off.

I continue getting ready for the club to open, today met with a gentleman who had run it a few years ago. He was such a help showing me where and what different switches did, the little tricks for different pieces of equipment. One less thing to worry about. Wednesday night I am making pizza for a few of the members as a trial run. Kind of get my feet wet. I think I have things about all set up, time will tell.

I wish you all the best, Spring will finally arrive and the hopes for better times. Barbara

Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday has arrived once again, thank goodness!!

We have had the nicest day, sun all day long. Cold and some wind but the sun was glorious.
I put the picture of Jim's wall here so you could appreciate how hard he worked. Of course the wind has drifted some snow back but not nearly as much as was there. On my list for plants to order are ones to fill in the blanks between the trees. I am leaning in the direction of some of the flowering types mixed with some hedge type things. In my catalogs they are describing them
as fast growing, cool. I wish I could manage these pages better,lol. They get the best of me when I am trying to arrange things. Oh, well if that is the worst that happens to me I
am way ahead.

I guess I have not been completly clear what it is I am doing in my new job. Just figured you could read my mind. I will be the manager of the restaurant and bar. In charge of hiring and firing, training, payroll ordering supplies and all that good stuff. Kind of neat and then sometimes kind of scary even though I am confident in my soul.

I just wish all of you all good things. Spring is coming and the snow will melt and I will forget the chilly days and be moaning I am too hot,lol. I guess the lesson is that all things pass and that change is inevitable and we need to go with the flow. So I look to my new challenge and will deal with it to the best of my ability and enjoy the perks, money to buy tons of plants,lol.
Best to you all, Barbara

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!! I hope your day was wonderful and if you have a special someone they treated you nice and if you dont' I hope you treated yourself nice.

Violet lady gave me an award!! But I don't know how to put it on here,lol. Oh, well story of my life at times. My head has been in a whirl, I signed the contract for my job. Now I have been contacting food purveyors and trying to come up with menus for the first two events. I have also been dealing with cold feet and what ifs and fighting them off. I know I can do this and need to not second guess everything. I know it will be a challenge but then what good is life if we don't have things to stretch us and grow us. Kinda like fertilizer.
Here is a picture of the place, not that it looks like that right now. When the snow melts it will be more along these lines,lol.
I have been rehearsing how I want to approach different situations trying to anticipate what can go wrong and how to handle it. I always feel better if I have my own dress rehearsals for important things. I kind of run things through and see how they sound and how I would feel if it were said to me. I know that many of the people I hire are not going to have experience and I want to be a good mentor for them. The other challenges are that it is a small town and some people are used to be the big frog in the small pond. I have already found I need to keep my ideas to myself and only present them when I have a large audience. Some of my thoughts and ideas have been presented by others as theirs, irks me. I know it is them trying to be a big shot and they are probably insecure but darn it, hands off!! That's ok, I am writing everything down and then will wait until there are several witnesses.

Is everyone's weather wacky?? We finally warmed up a little, then back into the deep freeze for ages, back up and now down again. I could hear the wind pick up during the night and the snow is in all kinds of hills and valleys. Last Saturday we went to "the big city" to get goat feed and people feed and came out of the store to snow and wind. Well, driving home for an hour in white out conditions was not my idea of fun. We made it safe and sound, thank goodness. Monday when I had to go out at night was more snow and wind and now tonight we are going back subzero. The weekend promises to be in the 30's??? Well, so far it has been a better year for us then last so I will latch onto that and be grateful.

I need to go and read and catch up with everyone and ask Violet Lady how to collect my award. I just wish everyone so much good and happy times, Barbara

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Saturday, one day closer to Spring

This is my Friday photo, a day late!

Garden Goose has a contest about Valentines Day check it out.

We are in a warm spell, actually in the 20's and who would have believed that I would find 20s warm?? Life is strange and as I get further into it I think it gets stranger yet.

Monday night I go to meet with the board of the golf course again and sign the contract and get keys so I can start messing around. I am going to do the bathrooms over, they are pretty tacky. I also want to move pictures around and I need to find out what there are in the way of implements and things like aprons, pot holders, etc. All those things you don't think of until you need them, I have been making lists like crazy. They are also going to give me a list of purvayors for this area so I can do some checking on prices and what is available. I still want to use local people to supply as much meat and vegs as possible.

I am having a pretty nice day, the house feels nice and comfortable, there is no wind so the heat can make some headway. I dont' have to be in hibernation mode,lol. I had an idea for some cards for Valentines day which involved using my water colors, providing I can find them. I have found one of the airbrushes, lots of acrylic paints and quite a few brushes so I will figure something out. Still have not found all my oils or table top easels or my really good brushes, I know they are there somewhere. Right next to my folder with all my pet food information and my other folder with all my extra good desert recipies. Five years from now I will look back and laugh because everything will be all nice and neat and where I can lay my hands on them, and I will weigh 110 again and have a 22 inch waist again too!! I tend to do a lot of daydreaming.

Take care my friends, enjoy the weekend. Barbara