Monday, April 9, 2012

Things are growing!!

Happy April!! I have things growing and blooming and I love it. Makes me happy to walk out and see something new every day! I even have asparagus growing, how cool is that! Not enough to really make a meal, but in a year or two as it keeps increasing. I have mentioned before how much better the vegetables taste when they are freshly picked. I do not have the words to describe the difference in taste from that bought in the store. Of course the down side is that the weeds are also growing,lol, maybe I need to study and see which ones can be eaten. I do know that the dandelion greens are used in salads and I believe I have read somewhere that the thistle is edible.

I went out to dig up some violets to take to a friend yesterday, she only has white ones and I have several different colors. I ended up having a good laugh, first several of the outside cats followed me to get the shovel and pots. Then as I went around the yard they kept me company, chasing each other up and down the trees. The final stop was out back by the fields where there are a burgundy colored ones growing. As I was digging away a new voice was added, one of the chickens came to help. She was just clucking away and scratching around and then followed me back to the house. Started the day off great! smiles , friends and sunshine what more could anyone want. Our friends live a couple of hours away other then wind the drive was good, had a wonderful meal, good company and a good drive home. The wind up here is something else!!

Hint wise news, I am using my new cleaner and also have a new batch brewing. I do not see any major differences between what is purchased in the store and what I have made. There is still a vinegar odor but it is not strong and you can smell the orange. I have used it to clean the microwave, counters, inside the fridge , the stove top and my mixers. So far so good!

Hope your Easter was good and the bunny brought you goodies!! Enjoy your April.