Friday, December 28, 2007

Fuzzy Friday

Yep, I am fuzzy this morning, can't quite seem to kick it into gear. It is overcast and I need my sun to function, need to find my sunshine lights. Don't you think our trees are pretty, this is over in the side yard past the driveway. This is the part of the area I want to turn into gardens and then a wedding garden. I can just see benches here to sit under the trees and a nice water feature and flowers.

I hope everyone had a happy, healthy and joyous holiday and that your New Year will bring you fulfillment. Jim was able to come home the Saturday before Christmas but had to leave Christmas day. Poor guy drove right into a snow storm, we tried to get him on the road early because they predicted snow in the afternoon, yeah right. He made it safe and sound, I always worry, not so much about his driving but the idiots who think they are invincible. You would think seeing cars spun out or overturned would give them a clue.

We had a nice few days, the part came for the boiler and Jim put it together so now it is warm and cosy. I also can sleep all night and not have to keep charging down to the basement and restart ole Bessie. I put up a small artificial tree and only used 3 strings of lights and one box of ornaments, lucky tree. I have so many boxes of Christmas goodies, the poor thing would have been overwhelmed. Pulling all those things out was so much fun, some I had not seen in years, they all have memories attached. I get so much pleasure out of the holidays, the lights, the love, all the good feelings. Makes me want to sing and dance, thank goodness no one is around to hear or see. Now, if we could just stretch all those good feeling for our fellow man to all year long how neat would that be. Jim won't be home again until the 10th of January, which in some ways in not happy. I do worry about his drive especially when the weather is bad so at least I know he will be alright and with so many projects going on at work it is better for him to be there.

I did get one new project finished, I made suet blocks for the birds, seemed silly to keep paying over $2.00 for one. Got my suet, the bacon grease I had been saving, cooked it all down. I had saved a few of the plastic forms the blocks had come in, so poured the melted fat in, added some corn meal, peanut butter and bird seed, TA Da. I was able to make 5 blocks with less the $2.00 worth of ingredients, makes me feel good.

My sewing has been on hold, it had been so long since I had used a pattern and made something structured I messed up. I do not think it is a fatal flaw, but it did irritate me, being irritated and having to concentrate is not a good match for me. Since I did not want to trash $50.00 worth of material, Santa's suit is on hold. This way I am not rushed and can study closer what I am doing and get it right. The old, "haste makes waste" is so true. I did accomplish getting my things more organized ,so all in all not a bad thing.

Youngest Son James put together an ad for my pet treats and is putting it on Craig's List for me. Maybe this will be the boost I need and get some cash flow going. For the most part I like small town living, the peace and quiet, no traffic, sirens, airplanes also no jobs. I am still trying to find something to do from home so if anyone has found something lucrative please pass it on. I know several people would like to find something to do from home. Just wish all these businesses who complain about not being able to find good help would get with the times. Hello, here we are!!

Jim worked on another stall for me and put in a new gate after taking out part of a partition. Now I can get in and out more easily, he is so talented makes it look so easy. The goats are happy also, when I am out there I let them have the run of the place. I am afraid to leave them out when I am not there, they manage to get into so much. Truly live up to the name kids. I was looking through some pictures and did not realize how much they had grown, looks like I am going to get a few more. The man I got these from is getting rid of all his, too much work, guess he knows a soft touch when he sees it,lol. I know that I will appreciate them next year when the weeds start to grow, will save me hours and hours of mowing.

My friends I have babbled on long enough here, I missed you and look forward to a new year of blogging and sharing your journeys. Best to all, Barbara

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

On Monday morning and this morning I woke up to a winter wonderland. Monday I was able to take a few pictures but the cold drove me in, today was much nicer and I had so much fun wandering around and taking pictures. I was able to capture a better picture of our little woodpecker friends, trees,and anything else that captured my attention. Makes me a happy camper.
I have been keeping a close eye on the boiler, it is acting up and with temps not getting above 15 or so that is not a good thing. Jim was able to come home Saturday afternoon, his project was finished ahead of time, hooray. He took things apart and thought all was good to go, well it was. Of course, as soon as he left on Sunday it started acting up again, it will cut off and then not restart. On Tuesday he had me take some of it apart and try lubricating the fan, I carefully followed his instructions but no go. After work he drove home, took it back apart and found that I had done a fair job, one plate was just a tad off, phooey. He got it all back together and off we went again. I think I have to be one of the luckiest people around, Jim is such a good person. There are not that many people who would work all day, drive 4 hours, work on a furnace and then turn around and drive another 4 hours and get to bed at 1:30. It is still not working completely but a new fan is on order and the nice UPS guy should bring it tomorrow.

My schedule was thrown off I was going to make cookies and mail them to him for the people at work. With him home on Saturday I spent 5 hours on Sunday baking and was able to send back a decent amount of goodies. Of course since then I have been paying the price, my back is in spasms. While sitting at a traffic light many years ago, my car was slammed into by a drunk driver. Now, when I overdo tasks that require too much leaning over or small movement with my arms I get muscle spasms in my back, very annoying. I had to send out a mental apology to all those people that I doubted when they said their back hurt. I now know where they are coming from. Jim gave me good feedback, he said everyone was ooohhhing and aaahhhing. I tried a new recipe for lemon cream cheese cookies, cut them out in holiday shapes and frosted them with a meringue frosting. I sprinkled colored sugar on some of them and put scarves on the snowmen. I also made oatmeal raisin cookies, truffles and chocolate dipped pretzels. It gives me a nice feeling to be able to do a few things for people and I was glad they enjoyed.

Oprah had a good show on today, she had a guest who wrote a book, How do things work. He was on and gave some explanations about computers, telephones and microwaves. There is also a website, how do things work. com, I hope I got that right. I like shows like this that give me information that makes sense.

Well, enough for now. Thank you so much for coming to visit, hope you enjoy and come back soon. Barbara

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I sorta got a picture of one of the little woodpeckers who visit. Usually he would be on this side of roof, but no, not when I have the camera! I will keep trying.
I really appreciate those who come and visit and leave a comment. Kinda like a little chat. I am staying pretty warm, still chasing drafts with my foam and caulking gun. Getting pretty good with them. The part of the attic I am playing in is finished and fairly warm. It is not officially heated, but I leave the door open and it gets comfy. When I open the door to the storage area, that is a whole different story.
I went out today in the truck in 4 wheel low, cool, just crawled right through the mess.
Earlier in the morning I was a little bored, so I melted my keyboard for kicks. Actually, I kinda did it on accident. First I spilled a cup of tea on it. I wasn't too worried because it is the water resistant one Jim bought me after I spilled a cup of hot chocolate in my other one. I shook it off, and wiped it and used q tips and thought I was good to go. Came back later and tried to do some work, and it was being wonky. Ok, I can fix this. Grab the trusty hair dryer, watching the view on TV and drying away. Then I look down and do those keys look weird?
They do, they are melting!! Maybe I can make some funky computer jewelry out of them. Thank goodness I never throw anything out, hunt around find an old keyboard and I am back in business. After that the day was kinda calm.
Take care all and have nothing but fun with all this holiday stuff, Barbara

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tis Tuesday

I started to write some last night but I was yawning so much I thought I would swallow the
keyboard. Was great having Jim home, if even just for a couple of days. He won't be home again until almost Christmas, he can be my present.

I have gotten way behind on my projects and need to shift into overdrive. Speaking of driving Jim "locked the hubs" on the truck so I will be able to get out of the drive way. I was
not able to make much progress on the drive due to the ice. Going to save my pennies and make sure that by next winter I have either a huge snow blower or tractor or something. Jim put a new plug in my little guy, but the ice was just beyond the power of the poor little thing.
We have had record lows so the ice is not going anywhere any time soon. Yesterday lots of wind, the kind that erases your footprints as you walk.

I am pleased that I am making progress in the attic, actually having areas to do my fun things. The Santa suit is cut out and ready to be tackled, I found some leash holders I had started. They are kind of cute, have a dogs face painted on it and a peg for the leash. Now I need to finish some of those, but they are not a priority. I also need to finish the pj bottoms.

Have a wonderful day, Barbara

Friday, December 7, 2007

A Beautiful Day in My Neighborhood

Oh, what a perfect Winter day!! The sun is shining, there is no wind, just beautiful. Ok, for those of you who want snow pictures. I went out and got a few, for the birds I was on the wrong side of the fence. You are not supposed to shoot into the sun, but when do I ever do what I should. Most of the birds flew away but the woodpecker was intent on brunch. I have a whole family of these small guys, and if I could get a good picture I could figure out which ones they are. We also have some of the redheaded ones show up once and a while. Lots of Sparrows and Chickadees and some others I don't recognise. I put my small binoculars by the window and the bird book so I am trying.
I have been working on my Etsy shop, put some more pictures in and am finding out how things work. A nice discovery was that I can sell my pet treats through there also, need to get pictures and license.

Jim is on his way home, super, not seeing him for a couple of weeks leaves me at loose ends. I do not need constant attention but some is nice. Then next week he has to stay again, they have all kinds of projects they are trying to get finished. I tell him that is fine, the job needs to come first and I will be alright. I still get antsy and in truth wish something would open up closer to home.. Just keep in mind that in these times a job is a good thing.
Have the best day, enjoy all the small blessings we are given, Barbara

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


A beautiful sunrise, but after trying for two days to catch the sun on the ice, I am for inside. This picture I took the other morning so do not have to go out. At least until I have to go feed the goats and take them out some warm water. If the bank ever gets our cards straight I found a site where I can buy a heated bucket for their water.

Do you ever feel that you speak some language that no one else understands?? At the first of November I called the bank to check as to when our cards would be mailed. The girl said there was no way to check and that they would be there. Right around Thanksgiving I called again, once again don't worry they will be there. Then 2 days before the end of the month I called again, this time the girl took the trouble to look into it. The cards had been mailed in October and they would have looked like junk mail. She tried having them sent, but was given the wrong directions. On Monday she calls to tell me this and that she has the right instructions and I will have my card and Jim will have his. Yesterday morning when I go out I find a slip from UPS on the door, he tried to deliver but I did not hear him at the door. I called UPS and said tell him to honk, or pound or what ever. So yesterday afternoon, ta da he shows up, I get my envelope and I am relived. Around 6:30 I decide I will order the bucket and pay my Etsy account, open the envelope and are you ready.......................The Card is Jim's!!! I am so upset, I threw the blasted card across the room. How many times do you have to explain things to people?? So here I sit waiting until the bank opens so I can try to get the right card. Sorry, Jim found it funny, me I don't, well to be fair from a different perspective it is amusing.
With that said, the sun is shinning which is always a good thing, I am warm and have the whole day ahead of me. Probably do some more Christmas type things, I saw something on Martha the other day I want to try. I found some great cookie recipes on the Better Homes and Gardens site. I need to check and see if any more surveys are ready to be filled in and make a few pennies. So enough griping, and get my behind in gear, plus Buddy the Cockatoo is sounding off, so his dish must be empty.
A wonderful day to all, Barbara
Let me amend this, talked to the bank and this was the card ordered last week and mine should still be on the way. I guess if I had stopped to think I would have realized that was pretty fast for it to show up. Duh. I was very nice so I do not have to eat any crow.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

More Snow?? Wait

I'm not ready for more, the snow blower won't start, I already got the truck stuck twice!! Oh, Monday was one of those days, I was a grouch. It was icy and cold, Oh, wait, the sun came out! That was a good thing, there usually is one or two good things and I do try to find them. Yesterday it took a lot to find one or two, I ended up going to bed early and reading. One of the best things I bought last year was one of those heated mattress covers, the bed is all toasty when you crawl in.

I had looked out the bedroom window and the sun was shinning off the ice on the apple trees, so I bundled up and traipsed out to get some pictures. Once I got out there the sun went away, ok, I'll wait a bit. It would peek out, I would whip the camera out from under my coat and the sun would dim. Enough of that, I am freezing I think it was about 9 I am going back inside. There were also concerns for the camera, which is why I kept it under my coat between shots. Don't you know that after I take off the hat, gloves, coat, boots and go back upstairs, the sun comes back out!! No Fair, but I'm not going back out until I have to.

I also tried to cover the top of the goats sleeping area, dragged a large cardboard box over, flattened it, nailed it over the top. I even dragged a big board over to reinforce it, came out later and the stinkers had torn it off. I tell you they are like 2 year olds. Jim built this shelter within their stall so they could be warmer and I want a top on it to help keep the body heat in. He just has not gotten around to it yet, so I thought I would help. Another brilliant idea down the tubes.

I realized I was out of cat food, so have to drive to the nearest store before they gang up on me. I am trying to turn the truck around so I can go through the drifts head on, go a little too far forward and am stuck. Finally get out of there and get hung up in the drifts, stuck again. After much back and forthing I get out and down the drive. Probably would have helped if I knew how to get it into 4 wheel drive. On our other one I did, this beast, I don't. Jim put this truck together from 2 that he bought for $300.00, so I can't really complain, well, not tooo much anyway. It's big, runs great and we can haul stuff around if we need to. Jim explained later that you have to take pliers and turn something on front wheels to "lock the hubs". Ok, I'll get right one it, maybe. Success, cats happy, well glad someone is.

Now you know why I went to bed early.

Great day to all and see ya soon

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sunday smoozing

Not too much snow, but enough to make it pretty. Of course it has a coating of ice on it now, so slippery going. I am pooped, took another folding table up to my aerie plus a bunch of other things. By the time I hit that last bit of stair the heart is pumping like crazy. At least I wasn't coming up from the basement,lol. So, now I have the drawing table set up, the craft counter cleared, sewing machine set up, etc. Getting harder to walk up there. After Jim finishes the insulation and I get to paint or paper, I can put shelves up. At least I am finally getting all my toys in one spot, I have wanted that for so long. Oh, I found my snow, I have this thick, pasty goo that makes the most wonderful snow on things. I found the balls I wanted to paint, and now I have my snow. I am so easily pleased, it's sad.

Alright, it's official. The goats are not crazy about antlers, I thought I would try, never hurts. They were sweet about it they just kind of rubbed them off. Now, Elvira kept them on, but the look she gave was priceless. Along the lines of "What did I do wrong", or "Why am I being punished?". Poor old girl, she tries so hard, you have to wonder what her life was like before. She does not play, does not know what treats are and will take any crumb of affection. I think she is also missing Duchess who was her buddy for the last two years. I'm with her, I miss Duchy so much a great friend for 13 years.

Ok, enough rest, off to play in my toy room. I really need to try and prioritize some of these projects I think I must have about a dozen going right now.

I skated out to feed the goats this afternoon, there is such a crust on the snow I just knew I was going to go flying. Thank goodness that did not happen, of course with all the clothes I have on I would probably just bounce. The girls were glad to see me, they seem to be handeling the cold well. I think I have the majority of the drafts taken care of and Jim promised me he would put a top on their sleeping area.

The light was so pretty shining on the trees which are coated with ice. I tried earlier to get a picture of it, by the time I got out there, no sun. Waited for a bit and no go, came back in looked out the window, you got it, sun is back out. No go, once was enough.

Good day to all, Barbara