Wednesday, December 5, 2007


A beautiful sunrise, but after trying for two days to catch the sun on the ice, I am for inside. This picture I took the other morning so do not have to go out. At least until I have to go feed the goats and take them out some warm water. If the bank ever gets our cards straight I found a site where I can buy a heated bucket for their water.

Do you ever feel that you speak some language that no one else understands?? At the first of November I called the bank to check as to when our cards would be mailed. The girl said there was no way to check and that they would be there. Right around Thanksgiving I called again, once again don't worry they will be there. Then 2 days before the end of the month I called again, this time the girl took the trouble to look into it. The cards had been mailed in October and they would have looked like junk mail. She tried having them sent, but was given the wrong directions. On Monday she calls to tell me this and that she has the right instructions and I will have my card and Jim will have his. Yesterday morning when I go out I find a slip from UPS on the door, he tried to deliver but I did not hear him at the door. I called UPS and said tell him to honk, or pound or what ever. So yesterday afternoon, ta da he shows up, I get my envelope and I am relived. Around 6:30 I decide I will order the bucket and pay my Etsy account, open the envelope and are you ready.......................The Card is Jim's!!! I am so upset, I threw the blasted card across the room. How many times do you have to explain things to people?? So here I sit waiting until the bank opens so I can try to get the right card. Sorry, Jim found it funny, me I don't, well to be fair from a different perspective it is amusing.
With that said, the sun is shinning which is always a good thing, I am warm and have the whole day ahead of me. Probably do some more Christmas type things, I saw something on Martha the other day I want to try. I found some great cookie recipes on the Better Homes and Gardens site. I need to check and see if any more surveys are ready to be filled in and make a few pennies. So enough griping, and get my behind in gear, plus Buddy the Cockatoo is sounding off, so his dish must be empty.
A wonderful day to all, Barbara
Let me amend this, talked to the bank and this was the card ordered last week and mine should still be on the way. I guess if I had stopped to think I would have realized that was pretty fast for it to show up. Duh. I was very nice so I do not have to eat any crow.


2 LMZ FARMS said...

I like looking at snow and ice in pictures but rather not have I'm a warm weather friend. Try to stay warm and hope you and yours have a blessed day.

Karen said...

Brrr, try to stay warm. The picture is lovely and it sounds like a lovely day you have planned. I'm alway amazed at what Martha comes up with. Most of it looks beyond my abilities, but I used to love getting her magazine.

2 LMZ FARMS said...

Just stopping by and checking in on you. Hope you are doing good. Take care and stay warm. Hope you and yours have a blessed day.