Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday a new week to explore

Good Morning, it is 48 degrees at 9 a.m. and supposed to get to 69, that would be nice. It is sunny out which always starts my day on a good note. Both sons called yesterday which was a very up part of my day. What was not good was the news from my youngest son, he has swine flu and was in the hospital. Not one phone call to let me know, upsetting. Reality says what could I do being over 1200 miles away. He did not sound good on the phone, said they had him and others in special quarantined area. Assures me he will be fine. Sure hope so, no matter how old they are we want to take care of them.

I had the goats out in the grove yesterday and took a video, thought it might give an idea of what we are working on. It was a pretty day, but chilly and a stiff breeze. They have such a good time out there. Hope you enjoy it.
Going out in a bit to tackle the mowing, yard is starting to look like a field. I wish you a sunny day with gentle breezes and no stress.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

One of my Mother's Day presents was the arrival of the Baltimore Orioles and the Hummingbird. I saw the Oriole yesterday so quickly cut up an orange and put it out and filled the first feeder I could find. As you can see the Oriole did not seem to mind that it was for the hummingbirds. Then I read in my new Bird's and Bloom magazine that they might not be able to drink well from the hummingbird feeders. Today I dug out the one for the orioles and filled it and put it out. At first they looked at it as if not sure it was something they wanted to use. I had moved the hummers feeder and while looking out spotted another visitor. The first

Hummingbird of the season. I was surprised to see it as we have been so chilly, sure was glad I had put feeders out. I think we made it into the mid 50's today.

Jim did not make it home, but called to wish me happy day. It was sunny and not too windy. I worked in the garden some and sorta hung out doing a little of this and that. Not a bad day.

While walking the dogs early this morning, think 5:30 we spotted a hawk and listened to the birds. So nice and quiet at that time of the morning. Also discovered that more of my tulips had opened. They are from a mixed bag I bought, supposed to be pink and purple. Not what I wanted , but pretty all the same. The "pink" ones are white and also a coral color.
I do like the different varieties, interesting.
Hope everyone enjoyed their day.
Best to you, Barbara

Friday, May 8, 2009

One of the reasons for grey hair

This is one of the reason for much
of my grey hair. My oldest son, Erick and his toy. He races in Washington State, mostly for fun.

He has done all the work on his bike, he just posted some more pictures of more work he is doing. His new place has a garage so now he is all set.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The weather is officially Weird!!

Yesterday it started pouring and as I am running around closing windows I notice it is hailing. The next thing I notice is that the sun is shinning and there is a rainbow. So off I ran to get my camera, which of course I had left in the car. So after braving the hail I took these pictures, you can see the streaks where the hail is coming down. Strange right. The rest of the day was fine.

This morning we had a small thunderstorm and then it was gray and cloudy until about 2 o'clock. Then it cleared up and I ended up taking the goats out of their pasture and let them loose in the woods. I mentioned that we had enlarged their pasture area, well it is all cleared. They were happy to go eat little trees and what ever else they could find, then wandered out into the yard to eat dandelions. I stood guard between them and my shrubs and spruce trees, which they would have considered a great treat.

All around a nice day so far, hope yours is as well, Barbara

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tis May, Tra La, Tra La

Our May has started off so pretty, some really beautiful weather. I have been planting more goodies.
Today I picked up some more trees, dogwoods, a willow, maple, two kinds of plum, 2 kinds of apple and a cherry. I still have peach and one more apple tree coming plus blueberries and some roses. I also have planted my peas, onions (3 kinds), need to get the potatoes in and some other stuff. I will be digging holes for days.
I also have the start of an asperagus bed and Ellen is going to give me some horseradish. How cool is this.

Tomorrow morning I can do a bit around the place and then off to the orthopedic surgeon to see what is wrong with my arm. I fell in February and everything else pretty much sorted it self out, but my arm has gotten worse. I so hate going to the Doctor, I went to a local clinic and they could not find too much. They did see a bone in my wrist that does not look quite right, so that might explain the ache, but not the pain in my upper arm. Hopefully this guy will solve the problem, I do not have time for all this.

Last week my neighbor came over and helped me fence in some more for the goats, they have already cleared it. Greedy little devils! I have been letting them into the grove to eat some of the underbrush before it takes over again this year. Tomorrow when I am in the "big" city I will pick up some more wire and posts so can fence in more for them. It will be so nice to be able to walk around more, they do such a good job.

I mentioned doing an "Otis"from back at the barnyard, for our friends son's birthday. Well, here he is. He is supposed to be black and white, could not find the black plus it does not taste good.
It is amazing to me that I can have so many colors and the one I need it MIA, Murphy hard at work again. I also made them a tray of cupcakes so they had plenty. Parker knew it was Otis so all is good.

My friend Ellen's open house for her greenhouse went well, she had so many pretty things there. It was also her Mom's 87th birthday, she is a super lady and you would never guess her age.

My best to you all,