Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

One of my Mother's Day presents was the arrival of the Baltimore Orioles and the Hummingbird. I saw the Oriole yesterday so quickly cut up an orange and put it out and filled the first feeder I could find. As you can see the Oriole did not seem to mind that it was for the hummingbirds. Then I read in my new Bird's and Bloom magazine that they might not be able to drink well from the hummingbird feeders. Today I dug out the one for the orioles and filled it and put it out. At first they looked at it as if not sure it was something they wanted to use. I had moved the hummers feeder and while looking out spotted another visitor. The first

Hummingbird of the season. I was surprised to see it as we have been so chilly, sure was glad I had put feeders out. I think we made it into the mid 50's today.

Jim did not make it home, but called to wish me happy day. It was sunny and not too windy. I worked in the garden some and sorta hung out doing a little of this and that. Not a bad day.

While walking the dogs early this morning, think 5:30 we spotted a hawk and listened to the birds. So nice and quiet at that time of the morning. Also discovered that more of my tulips had opened. They are from a mixed bag I bought, supposed to be pink and purple. Not what I wanted , but pretty all the same. The "pink" ones are white and also a coral color.
I do like the different varieties, interesting.
Hope everyone enjoyed their day.
Best to you, Barbara


Joanne said...

The Baltimore Oriole is so pretty, I love the brilliant orange color. I don't think they come this way to New England, at least I never see any. Pretty visitors you've been having!

Dammy said...

Hmmm...Nature has a way of reflecting the beauty and majesty of God.

Happy belated mother's day!

Nice blog.

Karen said...

Happy Mother's day to you, Barbara. The oriole is just beautiful. I clicked on the picture to enlarge it. I've never seen one.