Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sunday smoozing

Not too much snow, but enough to make it pretty. Of course it has a coating of ice on it now, so slippery going. I am pooped, took another folding table up to my aerie plus a bunch of other things. By the time I hit that last bit of stair the heart is pumping like crazy. At least I wasn't coming up from the basement,lol. So, now I have the drawing table set up, the craft counter cleared, sewing machine set up, etc. Getting harder to walk up there. After Jim finishes the insulation and I get to paint or paper, I can put shelves up. At least I am finally getting all my toys in one spot, I have wanted that for so long. Oh, I found my snow, I have this thick, pasty goo that makes the most wonderful snow on things. I found the balls I wanted to paint, and now I have my snow. I am so easily pleased, it's sad.

Alright, it's official. The goats are not crazy about antlers, I thought I would try, never hurts. They were sweet about it they just kind of rubbed them off. Now, Elvira kept them on, but the look she gave was priceless. Along the lines of "What did I do wrong", or "Why am I being punished?". Poor old girl, she tries so hard, you have to wonder what her life was like before. She does not play, does not know what treats are and will take any crumb of affection. I think she is also missing Duchess who was her buddy for the last two years. I'm with her, I miss Duchy so much a great friend for 13 years.

Ok, enough rest, off to play in my toy room. I really need to try and prioritize some of these projects I think I must have about a dozen going right now.

I skated out to feed the goats this afternoon, there is such a crust on the snow I just knew I was going to go flying. Thank goodness that did not happen, of course with all the clothes I have on I would probably just bounce. The girls were glad to see me, they seem to be handeling the cold well. I think I have the majority of the drafts taken care of and Jim promised me he would put a top on their sleeping area.

The light was so pretty shining on the trees which are coated with ice. I tried earlier to get a picture of it, by the time I got out there, no sun. Waited for a bit and no go, came back in looked out the window, you got it, sun is back out. No go, once was enough.

Good day to all, Barbara


violetlady said...

Hi, Barbara, I am finally catching up on my blogging friends. When we built the addition on our house, it included a little "aerie" for me, but alas, it sits unfinished. I put the cats' litter boxes up there for the time being - yuch! You have inspired me to get moving on finishing it up.

2 LMZ FARMS said...

Hi Ms Barbara, thank you for visiting me. Yes, I do enjoy life and try to live it up to the fullest. Along with rodeos, I raise Boer Goats and have two dairy goats that I milk. Your photos were breathtaking. I enjoy looking at snow but don't really care too much for it. Do come back and visit. I will bookmark you. Hope you and yours have a blessed day.