Friday, December 28, 2007

Fuzzy Friday

Yep, I am fuzzy this morning, can't quite seem to kick it into gear. It is overcast and I need my sun to function, need to find my sunshine lights. Don't you think our trees are pretty, this is over in the side yard past the driveway. This is the part of the area I want to turn into gardens and then a wedding garden. I can just see benches here to sit under the trees and a nice water feature and flowers.

I hope everyone had a happy, healthy and joyous holiday and that your New Year will bring you fulfillment. Jim was able to come home the Saturday before Christmas but had to leave Christmas day. Poor guy drove right into a snow storm, we tried to get him on the road early because they predicted snow in the afternoon, yeah right. He made it safe and sound, I always worry, not so much about his driving but the idiots who think they are invincible. You would think seeing cars spun out or overturned would give them a clue.

We had a nice few days, the part came for the boiler and Jim put it together so now it is warm and cosy. I also can sleep all night and not have to keep charging down to the basement and restart ole Bessie. I put up a small artificial tree and only used 3 strings of lights and one box of ornaments, lucky tree. I have so many boxes of Christmas goodies, the poor thing would have been overwhelmed. Pulling all those things out was so much fun, some I had not seen in years, they all have memories attached. I get so much pleasure out of the holidays, the lights, the love, all the good feelings. Makes me want to sing and dance, thank goodness no one is around to hear or see. Now, if we could just stretch all those good feeling for our fellow man to all year long how neat would that be. Jim won't be home again until the 10th of January, which in some ways in not happy. I do worry about his drive especially when the weather is bad so at least I know he will be alright and with so many projects going on at work it is better for him to be there.

I did get one new project finished, I made suet blocks for the birds, seemed silly to keep paying over $2.00 for one. Got my suet, the bacon grease I had been saving, cooked it all down. I had saved a few of the plastic forms the blocks had come in, so poured the melted fat in, added some corn meal, peanut butter and bird seed, TA Da. I was able to make 5 blocks with less the $2.00 worth of ingredients, makes me feel good.

My sewing has been on hold, it had been so long since I had used a pattern and made something structured I messed up. I do not think it is a fatal flaw, but it did irritate me, being irritated and having to concentrate is not a good match for me. Since I did not want to trash $50.00 worth of material, Santa's suit is on hold. This way I am not rushed and can study closer what I am doing and get it right. The old, "haste makes waste" is so true. I did accomplish getting my things more organized ,so all in all not a bad thing.

Youngest Son James put together an ad for my pet treats and is putting it on Craig's List for me. Maybe this will be the boost I need and get some cash flow going. For the most part I like small town living, the peace and quiet, no traffic, sirens, airplanes also no jobs. I am still trying to find something to do from home so if anyone has found something lucrative please pass it on. I know several people would like to find something to do from home. Just wish all these businesses who complain about not being able to find good help would get with the times. Hello, here we are!!

Jim worked on another stall for me and put in a new gate after taking out part of a partition. Now I can get in and out more easily, he is so talented makes it look so easy. The goats are happy also, when I am out there I let them have the run of the place. I am afraid to leave them out when I am not there, they manage to get into so much. Truly live up to the name kids. I was looking through some pictures and did not realize how much they had grown, looks like I am going to get a few more. The man I got these from is getting rid of all his, too much work, guess he knows a soft touch when he sees it,lol. I know that I will appreciate them next year when the weeds start to grow, will save me hours and hours of mowing.

My friends I have babbled on long enough here, I missed you and look forward to a new year of blogging and sharing your journeys. Best to all, Barbara


Nancy Jo said...

Hi Barb,
Fuzzy days after Christmas should be expected, you are normal!! Your tree looks nice. Looks real tall. We will be taking ours down tomorrow, and thats it for another year.
Thanks as usual for your nice comments over on my site, you are to nice.

violetlady said...

Some days are just fuzzy days. I have decided that when I have a day like that I will just go with the flow and not feel guilty. Happy New Year!

Karen said...

Beautiful trees! The snow covered ones and your Christmas tree:) You've been so busy in the past months, it's good to have down days and just put your feet up.

I've enjoyed hearing about your Homestead and look forward to following your story in the new year.

Blessings to you and Jim,

Jo and JD said...

The photo of your side yard is beautiful. It looks likea winter wonderland. Definately the stuff Chistmas Greeting Cards are made of.

So glad to hear that "Bessie" has been healed and doing well.

Wishing you and yours the Best of New Years.