Thursday, December 13, 2007

I sorta got a picture of one of the little woodpeckers who visit. Usually he would be on this side of roof, but no, not when I have the camera! I will keep trying.
I really appreciate those who come and visit and leave a comment. Kinda like a little chat. I am staying pretty warm, still chasing drafts with my foam and caulking gun. Getting pretty good with them. The part of the attic I am playing in is finished and fairly warm. It is not officially heated, but I leave the door open and it gets comfy. When I open the door to the storage area, that is a whole different story.
I went out today in the truck in 4 wheel low, cool, just crawled right through the mess.
Earlier in the morning I was a little bored, so I melted my keyboard for kicks. Actually, I kinda did it on accident. First I spilled a cup of tea on it. I wasn't too worried because it is the water resistant one Jim bought me after I spilled a cup of hot chocolate in my other one. I shook it off, and wiped it and used q tips and thought I was good to go. Came back later and tried to do some work, and it was being wonky. Ok, I can fix this. Grab the trusty hair dryer, watching the view on TV and drying away. Then I look down and do those keys look weird?
They do, they are melting!! Maybe I can make some funky computer jewelry out of them. Thank goodness I never throw anything out, hunt around find an old keyboard and I am back in business. After that the day was kinda calm.
Take care all and have nothing but fun with all this holiday stuff, Barbara


2 LMZ FARMS said...

HOpe you are staying warm. Personally, I rather not have the white So, you melted your Yeah, I'm thinking funky keyboard jewerly too. The goat wagon is for the goats to pull. It has red with a black top.I can also hook up one of the ponies to it. Hope you and yours have a blessed day.

Nancy Jo said...

My goodness Barb, after that day I would really need to lay down! Maybe drinking anything near the keyboard in the future should be baned at least put up some kind of barrier.But then its hard to resist a good hot choc.
Thanks for stopping by my site for a visit, always nice to know someone is out there.

Jo and JD said...

Your day sounds like so many of mine. You just have to love them though.... They are who we are ! lol

violetlady said...

I am always spilling or dropping something on my keyboard. Haven't melted it yet.
Stay warm girl.