Tuesday, December 4, 2007

More Snow?? Wait

I'm not ready for more, the snow blower won't start, I already got the truck stuck twice!! Oh, Monday was one of those days, I was a grouch. It was icy and cold, Oh, wait, the sun came out! That was a good thing, there usually is one or two good things and I do try to find them. Yesterday it took a lot to find one or two, I ended up going to bed early and reading. One of the best things I bought last year was one of those heated mattress covers, the bed is all toasty when you crawl in.

I had looked out the bedroom window and the sun was shinning off the ice on the apple trees, so I bundled up and traipsed out to get some pictures. Once I got out there the sun went away, ok, I'll wait a bit. It would peek out, I would whip the camera out from under my coat and the sun would dim. Enough of that, I am freezing I think it was about 9 I am going back inside. There were also concerns for the camera, which is why I kept it under my coat between shots. Don't you know that after I take off the hat, gloves, coat, boots and go back upstairs, the sun comes back out!! No Fair, but I'm not going back out until I have to.

I also tried to cover the top of the goats sleeping area, dragged a large cardboard box over, flattened it, nailed it over the top. I even dragged a big board over to reinforce it, came out later and the stinkers had torn it off. I tell you they are like 2 year olds. Jim built this shelter within their stall so they could be warmer and I want a top on it to help keep the body heat in. He just has not gotten around to it yet, so I thought I would help. Another brilliant idea down the tubes.

I realized I was out of cat food, so have to drive to the nearest store before they gang up on me. I am trying to turn the truck around so I can go through the drifts head on, go a little too far forward and am stuck. Finally get out of there and get hung up in the drifts, stuck again. After much back and forthing I get out and down the drive. Probably would have helped if I knew how to get it into 4 wheel drive. On our other one I did, this beast, I don't. Jim put this truck together from 2 that he bought for $300.00, so I can't really complain, well, not tooo much anyway. It's big, runs great and we can haul stuff around if we need to. Jim explained later that you have to take pliers and turn something on front wheels to "lock the hubs". Ok, I'll get right one it, maybe. Success, cats happy, well glad someone is.

Now you know why I went to bed early.

Great day to all and see ya soon

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Karen said...

Barb, I'm getting caught up and enjoyed reading your last few posts. You homestead is so lovely. The goats are so cute, even without antlers! I remember having to "lock in the hubs" during our 4 wheeling days. I think the best idea you had yesterday was curling up in bed with the book!