Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tis Tuesday

I started to write some last night but I was yawning so much I thought I would swallow the
keyboard. Was great having Jim home, if even just for a couple of days. He won't be home again until almost Christmas, he can be my present.

I have gotten way behind on my projects and need to shift into overdrive. Speaking of driving Jim "locked the hubs" on the truck so I will be able to get out of the drive way. I was
not able to make much progress on the drive due to the ice. Going to save my pennies and make sure that by next winter I have either a huge snow blower or tractor or something. Jim put a new plug in my little guy, but the ice was just beyond the power of the poor little thing.
We have had record lows so the ice is not going anywhere any time soon. Yesterday lots of wind, the kind that erases your footprints as you walk.

I am pleased that I am making progress in the attic, actually having areas to do my fun things. The Santa suit is cut out and ready to be tackled, I found some leash holders I had started. They are kind of cute, have a dogs face painted on it and a peg for the leash. Now I need to finish some of those, but they are not a priority. I also need to finish the pj bottoms.

Have a wonderful day, Barbara


JANET said...

Oooh, I've been reading about all that ice and snow up your way! Here, we are having record WARM temperatures! Doesn't feel like Christmas, but it's nice not to have to run the heat, although I've had the ac on the past three days!

Nancy Jo said...

Sound a bit chilly there. What are you doing in the attic anyway? Must be freezing up there isn't it?
Cold here but we have yet to have a big snow event. Unusual for around here, but it will come when its ready, God is busy right now doing ice storms.

GardenGoose said...

Hi Barbara, stay warm.hope you have a good weekend!

2 LMZ FARMS said...

Just wanted to drop in and check in on you. Hope you are staying warm and safe. They are telling that we may have some snow flurries this weekend. Can you belive that? Snow, here? Hope you and yours have a blessed day.