Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!! I hope your day was wonderful and if you have a special someone they treated you nice and if you dont' I hope you treated yourself nice.

Violet lady gave me an award!! But I don't know how to put it on here,lol. Oh, well story of my life at times. My head has been in a whirl, I signed the contract for my job. Now I have been contacting food purveyors and trying to come up with menus for the first two events. I have also been dealing with cold feet and what ifs and fighting them off. I know I can do this and need to not second guess everything. I know it will be a challenge but then what good is life if we don't have things to stretch us and grow us. Kinda like fertilizer.
Here is a picture of the place, not that it looks like that right now. When the snow melts it will be more along these lines,lol.
I have been rehearsing how I want to approach different situations trying to anticipate what can go wrong and how to handle it. I always feel better if I have my own dress rehearsals for important things. I kind of run things through and see how they sound and how I would feel if it were said to me. I know that many of the people I hire are not going to have experience and I want to be a good mentor for them. The other challenges are that it is a small town and some people are used to be the big frog in the small pond. I have already found I need to keep my ideas to myself and only present them when I have a large audience. Some of my thoughts and ideas have been presented by others as theirs, irks me. I know it is them trying to be a big shot and they are probably insecure but darn it, hands off!! That's ok, I am writing everything down and then will wait until there are several witnesses.

Is everyone's weather wacky?? We finally warmed up a little, then back into the deep freeze for ages, back up and now down again. I could hear the wind pick up during the night and the snow is in all kinds of hills and valleys. Last Saturday we went to "the big city" to get goat feed and people feed and came out of the store to snow and wind. Well, driving home for an hour in white out conditions was not my idea of fun. We made it safe and sound, thank goodness. Monday when I had to go out at night was more snow and wind and now tonight we are going back subzero. The weekend promises to be in the 30's??? Well, so far it has been a better year for us then last so I will latch onto that and be grateful.

I need to go and read and catch up with everyone and ask Violet Lady how to collect my award. I just wish everyone so much good and happy times, Barbara


2 LMZ FARMS said...

Hope you and yours had a blessed valentines day. Yeah, I know what you mean about the big frog in the little pond. I wish you luck in your new job. I've got faith in you. Take care and hope you and yours have a blessed day.

violetlady said...

I think you are going to do a terrific job at your new endeavor. You will be great. You seem to be doing all the right things. Just don't drive yourself crazy -- have fun doing it and if it turns out you don't like it -- so what? You gave it a chance! Your weather sounds like you live in Alaska. No one wants to be out in white out conditions. Stay safe. I will write back with info. on how to get the award.

Karen said...

Congratulations on your award! I love your blog and it's so nice that its been recognized as a nice place to come and visit. I think I must've missed where you wrote about exactly what you do in your job. I'm sure whatever it is, you will do well with it. You strike me as someone who really has her act together! You're a Clark, afterall!

violetlady said...

To get the award and post it to your blog -- right click on the picture and save it to pictures. You can then retrieve it when you place it in your layout or when you want to put it in a post. Let me know if you need more info. Good luck.

Jo said...

Congratulations on your award.

I know you will have no problems handling the responsibilities of your new job. Every one gets jitters before they actually get started. In no time at all you will feel as if you have been doing that one particular job all of your life.