Saturday, March 21, 2009

The sun is back!!

It really does not take a whole lot to make me happy, this morning the dogs have kept me laughing. What a couple of clowns, they are resting up for more mischief.

I wish Blogger would leave my pictures where I put them!! You are supposed to be able to drag the pictures and place them where you want. Not working this morning, shucks! Any hooo, while looking out the window I noticed more good news, the sun is moving. Well, actually we are moving, during the winter as I look out the sun raises more to the right. Now, as you can sort of see (not a good idea to take picture directly into sun) the sun is raising right in the middle. As the summer progresses it will come up to the left through our big Maple tress. That is one of my favorite views.

Another good thing, the trees are covered with buds, can you see all the bumps on the limbs? Soon these will be leaves and I will be even happier as it will mean we are finally thawed out.

I think I need to stop watching the news, I sit here hollering at the TV!! This AIG thing is just so awful, yes I know they are not the only ones and this is a symptom of how badly our businesses are being run. When you hear that these guys are making millions of dollars a year and doing an awful job, it is pitiful. On GMA they were interviewing an author (sorry, missed his name) and he made the comment that the bonuses were needed to keep the best and brightest I nearly went through the TV at him! The best and brightest, give me a break!! They ran the company into the ground and they are the best and brightest??? I am sure there are highly qualified people who would be happy to work for a reasonable salary and receive performance bonuses for a job well done. If nothing else maybe all this will bring sanity back to the work place. I do not know about you, but I never received a bonus just for showing up, mine have always been based on my job performance and to me that is how it should be.

There were good things in the news, one gentleman in Harlam has started a new program to educate Moms before their children are born. I went back to try and find his name and could not find it. He grew up in Harlam with a single Mom, she inspired him to get his education and he went on to receive a Masters. He came back to Harlam and has been trying to help the children break out of the rut of poverty and crime. He was having very little succes and could not understand why, until he read a report that stated that by the time children in better neighborhoods were 3? they had heard over 3 million words most of which were encouraging. The children of poverty had only heard 1 million and they were quite often harsh and discouraging. His program is teaching before the children are born, reading to the children planning for positive interaction after the child is born. The things that most of us have done without thinking and now it is showing good results, how super. I hope I got the numbers right, but if not at least you have an idea.

Another great thing came from the Minneapolis/St.Paul area. The local plumbers are having a volunteer day to help out Seniors with any plumbing problems they may be having. This is a tradition for the last two decades, what makes it even better is that many of these volunteers are out of work. I am seeing more reports of people out of work volunteering and I think this is so wonderful.

Kate Snow on GMA gave a report of an inexpensive vacation in Costa Rica, she did volunteer work while she was there. She lived in a cabin for $39.00 per night and only paid a couple of dollars for food, in return she helped paint houses. GMA is doing a series of inexpensive vacations, air fares are very low if you are going out of the country.

Mrs. Obama was on the news working with school children to plant a vegetable garden at the White house. Way to go!! showing things like this may help inspire people to grow more of their own food. One thing I think they are missing is letting people know they do not have to have a big yard in order to grow vegetables. I grew a huge cherry tomato plant in a pot last year, and also some heretige tomatoes in other pots. I have just planted some lettace seeds in one of the long window boxes. I have it on a sunny window in the dining room. I picked up a package of mixed lettace seeds, you only want to plant a few if you put the whole package in you will have a ton of plants! The plan is to plant a few, maybe 15 or so, try to space them out. You will be surprised to discover that most of them will come up, if you have any bare spots go back and put some more seeds in. Once the plants start to mature you pick off the outside leaves to use for your salads, the plant will continue to grow more leaves. You can grow cucumbers or squash in pots also, check out container growing on the web. With grow lights you could have fresh salad and tomatoes year round. You can also grow and dry your own herbs, so if you live in apartments or condos or just have a small yard, don't dispair you too can have fresh vegs.

Ok, enough for today.


Joanne said...

One spring when we were between homes with a move, we planted our Jet Star tomatoes in pots, stakes and all. That way they came with us to the new house, and they did fine. Really, is there anything like a fresh tomato off the vine?

With the fiascos on the news lately, we've pretty much stopped watching. Just a couple times a week, really, because there's nothing much we can actually do about those situations. It's too bad it all came to this, though, isn't it?

There's a different slant of light lately here in New England too. The warm air that follows is just taking its sweet time, I guess. It's worth the wait ... Have a nice weekend, Barbara!

Nancy said...

If there really is such a thing as reincarnation, I want to come back as one of YOUR dogs!!! They have the life, don't they? LOL It is so good to see another animal lover like myself! I have met many animal lovers through blogging...just wish I could meet more where I live! Our shelter is overrun with, so sad.

((( HUGS)))

Renie Burghardt said...


I'm glad the sun was back! Sunshine always makes me happy as well.

I already planted a long row of curly leaf lattuce and a row of spinach for salads. And you are right, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini all can be grown in containers.

As for blogger and your pictures, you can straighten them out in your HTLM mode, in your Editing.

I saw Michelle Obama in the news. It's great that they are planting a vegetable garden at the White House.

Well, I got to run. I had some company this afternoon, so need to finish a few things before I go to bed. I have to get up early for church Sunday, and then we go to lunch with some church friends. I always enjoy those. Have a nice evening and a lovely Sunday. We are to be in the mid-60s tomorrow. Yay!



violetlady said...

A great post, Barbara. And I love your header photo of the girls! I agree -- this AIG thing is a fiasco. Thank you for the info on container gardening. I am seriously thinking of it vs. putting things in the ground. I especially like the idea of fresh home grown lettuce. Happy Spring to you and Jim!

Nancy Jo said...

Hi Barb,
You are a bit ahead of us with the buds. But they will be coming. Its only in the 30's here today.
Looks like the pups ran them selves right into a nap. They are funny aren't they?
I made a choc cake this morning, washed some woodwork, and changed the sheets, plus the reg. stuff. Might try and get to the thrift tomorrow after I take my non driving daughter to work. Good thing she lives just around the corner,and her work is close by. Sometimes she walks.
Can't wait to play in the dirt, maybe in a few more weeks.

Mary said...


I enjoyed the photos and it's nice to see buds on the trees. It gives me hope. We have no buds on the trees here yet, but my snowdrops are blooming. Next will be the daffodils and tulips. Spring is definitely shooing Old Man Winter away.

I'm glad Michelle Obama is planting a garden at the White House. People do what celebrities do. Last year the boys and I planted tomatoes and they were absolutely delicious. Thanks for the tip about planting leaf lettuce in window boxes. I love it and think we will do that this year.

Love the photo of the dogs.

recoveryagent2 said...

Hello my Northern friend,
Glad to read you are thawing out and having some fun. I have raked oak leaves for a month, planted some flowers a couple of weeks ago and now it's lawn mowing every week time again. Ran up to Atlanta last weekend with Little People( to the High Museum to see the Terracotta Warriors, hectic but a fantastic exhibit. Life is good, the windows are wide open, the sun is shining and company's (brother and brother-in-law/wife) coming to town. I have started my painting projects...not art, just porch. I have a quilt to start (formerly postponed but I now have the fabric) and Easter hair bows to make for the "Little People".
Sally Pulver says "Hello", she was happy to hear an update on you and hopes you remember her - preferably fondly :)

2 LMZ FARMS said...

Thank you for your prayers and well wishes. I'm doing better or atleast for the time being. JB is home but he leaves back out May 1st. I couldn't have made it this far without friends like you praying for me and my family. You are a gem.

Stasia said...

Hi, I saw your posting on MaryJane's today and stopped over here - what a beautiful blog you have! And such pretty puppies - what are they?

Just wanted to let you know that you're not alone with all you're dealing with! If you ever need another "farmgirl" to listen, I'm here!

Take care and have a wonderful weekend. :)