Monday, August 24, 2009

Ah, looks like another pretty day!!

We had two beautiful days over the weekend, at last!!! Was sunny, moderate temperatures and a nice breeze and today looks like it will be super also.
On Friday night as Jim and I were walking around the yard we were suddenly enveloped in a cloud of Monarch butterflies. All Summer I have been moaning about the lack of bees and butterflies and here they were. Now as we watched the flew into the trees and proceeded to settle in for the night. This is the first time either of has seen a sight like this and both ran for the house and our cameras. Next morning they were gone on their way, leaving us with a beautiful memory. On Saturday our lone Hummingbird was joined by about 6 others. I enjoy watching their antics and listening to them peep and chatter. I spent some time snapping pictures, nothing spectacular but fun.

The bees are also back, here they are enjoying the obedient flowers. He would start are the bottom and work his way up the stalk. These are my pink shrub roses, they start out the solid pink and then as they mature they develop a white border. This bush has been covered with roses since early in the season, amazingly prolific. This is one of my hollyhocks, looks like tissue paper, as time goes on they seem to interact and the colors change , this one being a blush color with the slightly darker center.

So, now it is Monday and I am off to the store. Jim fixed my clutch over the weekend and we spent yesterday mowing most of the yard. With two of us mowing it was great, by myself it takes several days to get it all mowed. I only have a couple of hours left to do down one side.

Have a wonderful week my friends and thank you for stopping by.


Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Barb!

I'm so happy to hear about your beautiful butterflies! I was beginning to worry about your lack of them. What a relief. It must have been such a lovely sight!

Your flowers are so beautiful Barb. Everything is crisping and browning up here in central Ohio. You can tell fall is just around the corner when the ferns start looking worn out!

Have a great week my friend!
Hugs, Sherry

Karen said...

Loved seeing your flowers and hearing about the butterflies. We've had some yellow swallowtails hanging out in our backyard. They sure brighten the place up! Enjoy your week.

violetlady said...

I am glad your bees returned. The plight of the honey bee is something to be worried about.