Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Potatoes in Hay

I received a question about growing potatoes in hay. If you google it I am sure there are many articles about it. I did nothing special and have talked to others who know of people who do it. I got the seed potatoes, mine were larger so I cut them into sections, you have to make sure there are several eyes on each piece. I just put the pieces on the grass probably about a foot apart, then I put a layer of hay over that. As the plants grow and poke up through you add another layer of hay. The directions I had said to have the pile eventually be a foot high, I never got mine that high,lol. I probably put about 3 layers of hay and then got busy with other things and sort of forgot about them. I believe I have mentioned it is hard for me to stay on task!!

This Fall as Jim and I were out walking around he asked how the potatoes did, my reply was "I don't know , I forgot about them" So they had gone with no extra watering or anything. We looked and I did not see any plant so thought they were dead. I got a rake and started pulling the hay back and there they were, little nests of potatoes. The red ones did the best and there was not much in the way of dirt on them. I mentioned to a friend of mine about doing this and she said her friend had grown hers that way for years. Now, the friend puts down a thin layer of hay first, so I may try that next spring. All in all a satisfactory way to plant. Hope this helps.


Stasia said...

Hi! Here's the potato-growing link I'd posted on my blog back in June, in case your readers would like it:



Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Barbara,

I used to grow them in hay as well, a few years ago. Easy! But since I rarely eat potatoes anymore, I haven't grown any. It is an easy way to do it, since no digging is involved.

Have a great evening!


Stasia said...

Did you receive my email reply about the house fixtures??? Maybe check your spam filter if not...?

Stasia said...

Just re-sent it, to the email indicated in your Blogger profile page, with a NEW title (not as a "Re:") so let me know if you don't get it again - and send me your email addy if so! :D

violetlady said...

I may try this. Do I do it in the Spring? Is straw ok or does it have to be hay? Where do I buy hay? Obviously, I am not much of a gardener!