Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!!!

Spring is here and so am I , finally!! Hope this finds all well , enjoying their lives and pursuing their dreams. Life continues on here, highs and lows but all in all good. Jim is home full time and has been since December. His job hunt continues and we hope for something close to home. We still seem to like each other considering we have not done the 24/7 thing for many years.

Jim is being super working like crazy to catch up on all that needs doing. The snow is melting at a good rate there have been sunny days which do wonderful things for my moods. I can see the tips of tulips and daffodils poking up so there are signs of life, buds on the trees and lots of birds including Robins. On a down note we did not get wire around the new fruit trees and either rabbits or deer snacked on them over the winter. One or two might make it but I am afraid the new plum, cherry and apple trees are pretty much history. Another lesson in country living!

Critter wise we lost one of the goats to unknown illness. The vet came out several times and times numerous things none of which worked. I have made two new online friends who have goats and are very knowledgeable about the raising and care of them. In their opinion sometimes goats just decide to die and so they do! We put in heaters for her and hand fed her but she still went down hill. As soon as the ground thaws enough we will put her to rest with our other pets. The plus side of the Internet are all the wonderful people you meet, how else would I have met two people with the same likes in life who live so far away. One, Torry lives in Virginia and the other, Mary lives in the UK.

We have new additions in the form of 22 baby chickens!! The first ones are now laying on a regular basis and providing us with about 10 eggs a day. I have several people to share with who like the brown eggs and the fact that the chickens have a good natural diet, drug free. The new ones are still in the basement but Jim is going to partition off part of the coop for them and they will be moved out next week. We will take the heat lights out for the nights but they should be big enough to thrive. They have grown so fast and we will have more eggs in about July or August.

Jim is working on the basement. After our big flood we really have not done much down there. He is taking apart a large shelf unit, he sawed off one 6 foot section which I am going to use for my plants. I am running a bit behind on getting my seeds started but do not think it will be too terrible. Once I can get some space ready in the garden I can put out spinach and cauliflower and broccoli as they are ok with the cold. Other things will have to wait until any danger of frost is past. It will be wonderful to have more organization in the basement.

He has also worked on the tractor rebuilt the carburetor,,disc brakes and did tuning up. The tractor now starts up on the first try, runs smoothly and best of all stops. Now we need to find a plow so one of us can plow the new garden area. Since things did so well in the last couple of years I decided to move the garden and expand. Through trial and error I now know that many things need much more room. I will get the hang of this eventually,lol I placed an order for a variety of peppers which I cannot find around here.

Wonderful to be back and I will try to be more consistent with my postings, I do enjoy visiting with you and think about you often. My problem is getting if from my brain onto the blog!!

Best to you all


violetlady said...

So glad you are back. Of course, I see you on Facebook so I know you are okay. But I have missed all the news from The Clark Homestead. I am sorry to hear of the poor goat. I would love some of those brown eggs -- wish I lived closer! Your blog is so interesting -- keep it up, friend.

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Barb!

Happy to hear you survived the winter! So sorry to hear about your goat... part of raising animals I'm sure but so sad. I'll be excited to hear about your garden and all the happenings around there - keep us posted. I will add Jim on my prayer list for a new job close to home!

We sold our house and are packing to move so it's mayhem! More later...

Love ya, Sherry

recoveryagent2 said...

Hello my Eagle friend, Reunion time is here and I've been thinking of you and wishing you could "come on down" me your "snail mail" address for details..
Did you ever hear of Native Americans "3 sisters' method of gardening....Corn planted, then the stalk used to hold up climbing beans, squash at the base to shade the roots and conserve moisture. Never tried it myself but found the theory grounded (no pun intended) and plausible. If you plant all three vegies anyway you might give a couple spots a trial test.
Pen, don't forget the snail mail :)

PEA said...

Hi Barb:-)

So good to see you posting again! Sounds like you've had a busy time of it the last few months and it's good to hear that Jim is home full time now and that you haven't gotten tired of each other yet! lol I do hope he can find a new job soon, though.

I can well imagine how much of a learning experience it is to raise animals on a farm and each death of one would be hard to take, especially not knowing what was wrong.

We can't plant a veggie garden here until at least June because until then there's always a chance of frost. This past winter was such a strange one, though, with barely any snow and milder than usual, we may just be able to plant earlier!!! xoxo