Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring?? hummm not here,lol

Jim moved my other computer up the my office so that now I have two monitors to have info up on while I work. The picture is not completely accurate as I had Jim move it around again but you get the idea. This will allow me to keep my maps and some other sites up on one and the business items on my business computer. I am trying everything to make this all work. I so hate having bills hanging over my head and hope this will aid me to be faster and there fore make more money.

We had a couple of days of warmer and you could actually see the grass and then yesterday afternoon it started to snow again and all is covered again. Just a few inches, nothing major but makes spring seem even further away. I was surprised to see Red wing blackbirds at my feeders, that's a first. I also have far too many grackles which I dislike as they chase off my other birds. It always seems as if Winter lasts so long and the Spring and Summer zip past.

Right now it seems like every thing zips,lol. Must be the age thing, I know I got a medicare card in the mail and that put a damper on things, was not ready mentally for that. Just saw that a friend from high school lost her husband and he was my age. Last month received a phone call letting me know another old friend died. A tad depressing! Not a whole lot one can do other then try to take care of ourselves and keep plugging.

I think I have decided on a color for up here, right now it is a grayish blue which was fine for a boy but kind of gloomy for me. I am leaning to a cream color that will make it lighter and brighter up here, think that will work. I will go from top to bottom as this will be the easiest to paint, will have to keep my eyes open for some mistint in the right color. Can usually pick up 5 gallons for only a couple of bucks.

Hope all are well and enjoying life. Renie posted some pictures of her daffydills on Facebook which was a pretty site. Spring is slowly working it's way up.

Be Well all,



Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi dear Barb!!

I'm so glad your job is going good and that you are getting your work room the way you want it for business. I think a cream color would be fabulous in there and cheerier than blue gray. Gotta love those "mistake paints"... they're my favorites! Good to hear Jim is enjoying his job too. It makes so much different in how a person feels.
I'm really sick of winter here. More snow coming tonight. I want to get out and walk but it's either too slippery of raining out! Ohio weather is sometimes very depressing.
Throw a handful of feed to the chickens for me!! I just love them. We've got 2 swans & mallard ducks out front so they'll have to be my chickens!! LOL

Love & hugs to you & Jim!!
Sherry & Wes

Renie Burghardt said...

Yes, the daffies are everywhere, and the forsythia and pear tree are both budding, and even the iris' are up. Hope spring makes it's way to your neck of the woods, soon, Barbara.

I so rarely visit blogger anymore. Glad I just did. It was good to catch up with your doings.

Keep on plugging!



Karen said...

I'm longing for spring, too, but the picture in your header is just beautiful. There's something so mystical about winter photos.

It sounds like things are going well for you. I like your idea about painting your office. It will make such a difference to be surrounded by a color that is pleasing to you.

I often wonder how it is that so many people around me have grown old, but I still feel like 39? I used to say 29, but those days are gone!

Blessings to you, Barbara.