Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

In my last post I was so happy because it was warm and plants were coming up. Well that soon went away and we have had snow and rain and gloom for ages. Today was back to Spring time weather and I finally have some daffodils blooming. I was able to work in some of the flower beds for a bit which made my day. Worked for the rest of the afternoon and evening and soon off to bed.

Each year the yard gets a little easier, I figure this grass and weeds have been here for hundreds of years so it will take me a while to tame it. In the vegetable garden the garlic, chives, horseradish are showing up.. In the basement there is lettuce, peppers, basil, tomatoes, pumpkins started and more to come. Hope for many more vegs this year. Was reading that the extra produce is good for the chickens. I did d
iscover that the goats and chickens love pumpkin so any extra I will store next year.

Hope all had a good day and enjoyed your selves.


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PEA said...

We can't even plant our veggie garden until at least the first week of June, otherwise there's chance of frost yet. My tulips and daffodils haven't even bloomed yet, I think they're scared of showing their faces because it's been so cold and rainy the last few days! lol

I hope you had a lovely Easter with your loved ones. xoxo