Wednesday, August 8, 2007

August 2007

August has arrived and with really nice weather, the end of July was super. Last weekend we finally had some much needed rain which the crops can use. Joyfully it was a nice soaky rain without thunder, lightening or tornadoes. Today is the 8th and more rain is expected.

Last weekend the big news was the collapse of the 35W bridge in Minneaspolis. They have not recoverall all the bodies yet. makes you think how an ordinary day can change in the blink of an eye. One min you are driving home from work and the next you are struggeling to stay alive.

Jim is accomplishing so much, so far since June he has finished the radient heat in basement, put up the plates and almost finished the insulation. Installed a new hot water heater and waster softner system. Put in the filter and wiring for our new fridge and icemaker, torn out the windows in attic to get to rotten wood. He has purched table saw, work bench and router to work on those projects. He is working on taking out ceiling in front room so can start installing tubing for heat for second floor.

There is so much to do, but we know it will be years until things are done to our satisfaction. My corn and peas came up and may actually get some produce from them. My tomatoes are exceeding my expectations, now if they would just ripen so I could taste one that would be cool.
Since they are not getting mowed I am finding hollyhocks all over the place, so pretty. The roses are in riot of blooms, I was worried after the wind earlier made such a mess of them. One big project for next year will be trying to figure out how to protect them from wind.

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