Saturday, October 20, 2007

Oh, My gosh it is October

What has happened since August, lots and lots. Jim has finished the attic windows so that now they open, and stay open. They also no longer leak which is good news for our bedroom ceiling!! He has also stopped the leak in the roof, which is comforting. I have now been working on trying to sort things out so that I have my office set up and also craft area. In the Martha Stewart site she shows off her "attic workroom", mine pales in comparison. The plus side is that finally I will have paints, crafts and photography items in one place. So once the snows fall and I am not able to get down the driveway, much less drive any distance, I should have plenty to occupy my time.

The picture shows my stunted attempts at growing pumpkins and gourds this year, late planting and early frost gave me decorations, but no pies. I now have a somewhat clearer idea of how to proceed next planting season. My goal is to have a pumpkin patch selling the sweat of my brow and also taking pictures of all who would like to be immortalized. I found on line folders to put the pictures in for posterity. I also have designed cutouts for people to stand behind, so will also spend part of winter cutting those puppies out so will be ready for next October. Well, at least that is the plan, among many. I have also dragged out all my animal treat making supplies, found out that here in Iowa is much less costly to get licensed. So this weekend will be spent cutting out and baking all sorts of puppy treats.

Jim also tore out and replaced a window in his machine shed, playroom. It came out really well, I was impressed. He also tore part of a wall out in back of large garage and future home of Elven Catering. That project also came out wonderfully. I took many pictures to document his triumph. It is a little depressing to look inside the garage as it is piled to the hilt with all my shop things, plus so much more. Oh, well, the time will come when it will be up and running and everything in it's place. He never fails to amaze me with all his talents and skills, sure glad he likes me.

I have gentled down the goats, did I mention I acquired 2 goats?? I can now take the goats for a stroll so they can eat tree limbs and assorted weeds, they stand so nice and let me put on collars. When the weather is accommodating we spend time enjoying nature, each in our own way. Since soon there will not be any green growing I am trying to get them out as much as possible. When time and money allow we will start fencing the area around the animal shed, eventually having whole property fenced in. It will be nice to open door and let them roam and play. They are such characters, so curious and playful. Also they like to have their chins scratched and being brushed, who knew???

The weather is so, so, actually sun is out today. A treat, as we have had rain and clouds for weeks. I tote my camera around with me taking pictures of this and that. Since the humming birds and butterflies have moved on I have to find new subjects. Jim and I were standing in side yard when there was some excitement. A large Red Tailed Hawk flew over the fence and tried to catch some of the little birds at the feeders. I only caught a glimpse of a large bird going over fence and then the evergreens rustling like crazy. Soon, up he popped minus lunch and took off to sit in giant Maple tree and glare down at us. I hear him calling now and then. I always thought the noise they put in movies was fake, but no, that is how they sound. We have a large redheaded woodpecker that visits now and then, and several smaller different type of woodpeckers. I was pleased to see them at the feeders I put up for them, Jim bought me all kinds of suet cakes to put in the feeders. I will be interested to see what type of birds will show up over the winter. I heard on tv about being able to send for bird guide and some forms so that you can report who and what showed up. Just might have to do that, if I can remember to send off for it.

Bye for now, I plan on being back in less then 2 months. Of course we all know what happens to plans. Lovely life to all

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