Thursday, October 25, 2007


Hubby is on his way home, he took an extra day of vacation so we can do more work on house.
Caulking windows and all that fun stuff, also building pen in stall for goats so they can be cosy.
Beautiful hunter's moon out tonight, and I am proud of myself I got a decent picture of it. I have been trying to get details and not just a big white blob.

The last several days have been beautiful fall weather and by Sunday they are predicting a
hard freeze. That is always so sad for me, I hate to see the last of my flowers die, silly I know.
The weather people keep going on about when first snow will be, I wish they would hush.

I have been working on my attic office, trying to get thing arranged so will be workable. I also need to start working on Santa suit for hubby, his nice one was ruined in our basement flood. So I am going to tackle making him a new one, I could not find the nice velour to match the old one.
Hopefully the material I got will work, if not, back to the sewing machine. I also have a couple of
new leads on work at home things.

I have been checking out some of the other blogs, they are great! I need to find out how they make them look so cool, more research. Violet Lady has been so nice and welcoming, she left me another friendly comment. Thank you so much!! I enjoy her blog also, pop over and see what she is up to.

Good life to all

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