Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday, again!

Today is a special day, my youngest son Jame's birthday, he is 26! I found a box of pictures the other day and it does not seem possible that so much time has passed. He was such a super baby, I so enjoyed those times with him. Now he is this 6 foot guy, who is still super and seems to still like me, which as a parent is an accomplishment. He lives half the country away and I sure miss him, but wish him everything wonderful on this, his day. Happy Birthday Kid, your Momma loves ya!!

Seems strange not going into work, you would think after being off since May I would get
over it. My hunt continues to find something to do from home. I need to make a trip to the
courthouse to give out samples of my pet treats. When we were down there earlier in the
summer several of the ladies said they had dogs, so will do some networking. I found the blanks to print out some cards, now if I could just find the notebook with all my other information. I know it is here somewhere, just have not hit the right box.

Yesterday was interesting, while down in the basement doing wash noticed movement, lo and behold twas a bird. Little tiny thing, first bright idea was to open window for it to fly out. Opened window and promptly got beaned with pane of glass, no damage to me just shock. Then realized, duh, there is screen so that won't work, so opened door and tried herding it that way. I think it went out, time will tell. Then heard a frog?? yep, swimming in the drain of the pump room. These are just some of the joys of living in an old country house, livens up conversations. Mentioned online in a game room about the bird and the response from one person was for me to call police and they would catch it! Well, by the time the sheriff drove over 20 miles to get to me, I don't think he would be in bird catching mode. The ladies on the farms handle much more then that. They go out and drive the tractors and combines and get up at 4 am to feed and milk cattle, no my problem would be way down the list. Since moving to the Midwest I have a much greater appreciation for the farmer and their life. You see them out in the fields until midnight trying to get their crops in. They are at the mercy of the weather, too much rain, too little rain, cold, hail, wind. I do not see how they do it and survive. My attempts at gardening have had mixed results and to do it on large scale and it be your living, wow. My hat is off to them and their families. I will stick with my little patch of vegetables and hopefully pumpkins and gourds, and my 2 little goats.

Today is overcast once again and in the 40's, I really would like some sun. The up side is there is no snow yet and the heat is working well. All my husband's hard work seems to be paying off, there is much more to do. He still has to insulate the attic and on the agenda is blowing insulation into the walls and building a fireplace. It won't be a fancy fireplace, we have checked out the inserts at the home improvement store and they are only $150.00. Jim is going to try carving the mantle to match our wood work, all in all it should only be around $300.00 to make it ourselves. We have plenty of wood with all the downed trees and branches in our little patch of woods, so will be a plus on those subzero days.

Well, off to get into more trouble. Wonderful life to you all!

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