Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Haloween

Hope there were many treats and no tricks. Was not sure if anyone would stop by , made some cookies just in case. Wouldn't you know with all the cookie cutters I have the only Halloween one I could find was a bat! Oh, well I frosted them, found some black sprinkles and small orange balls for eyes and they were good to go. Now Hubby will have something to munch on this weekend cause there were no takers. I was not sure how much of a deal they made of it around here. I know there are some kids, but not sure of ages.

The wind finally died down some so was a nice sunny day, chilly but nice. Next week will be another story, maybe some flakes. My project for this week is covering all my roses and putting more hay around the new trees. Hopefully I will do it right this time and everyone will make it through the winter.

I found another box of pictures, so have been rummaging through them. Isn't it funny how you can look at an old picture and you are right back there, smells, emotions. I am also trying to figure out how best to preserve the old pictures and papers from my Grandfather. I want to respect him by taking the best care I can of things. I can't wait much longer, many of the pictures are on glass plates and they are starting to deteriorate. The fact that many of them are from the 20's and earlier is a big factor. Another project, like I don't have enough going as it is. Keep me on my toes!!

Good life to all

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