Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Almost Haloween

Hubby and I got so much done this weekend, he took a big load of things to the dump. Another thing about country living, those nice men on the big, loud truck do not show up at the door and haul off all your castoffs. I have yet to find out where to recycle all the bottles and cans I have been carefully saving. I am told there is a guy who does it, but trying to catch up with him so far has not happened. We really are trying to be green, but sometimes it is a struggle. On Extreme Makeover they did a house in New Mexico? all wind and solar power, the meter was running backwards!!! Yes, my goal, not to have to pay for heat, lights etc.
We cleaned up 3 burn barrel sites from previous owners, all kinds of stuff, lots of glass and cans plus the rusted barrels. We also burned lots of downed limbs and weeds which helps with my mowing.

My talented Hubby enclosed a corner of the goats stall so they will have a cozy place to cuddle as the temperatures drop. This coming weekend he is going to put a top on it to hold in body heat. We also tacked up an old rug over bottom part of their door to outside to keep drafts out. Our place does not have an official barn, but what I am told is an animal shed. There are 5 stalls and a concrete apron that runs around 2 sides of building, 4 of the stalls open to this area. In the past there were partitions not only for the stalls but also the outside, with neglect most of that fell into disrepair. We have closed in 2 areas so that I can shift the goats from side to side for cleaning. The goal will be to have nice wood dividers, but that is further in the future. Our task for the spring will be to fence in a pasture area for them so they can have more freedom. At present I try to take them out twice a day, weather permitting, to graze.

The temperatures have been wonderful, warm, sunny beautiful blue skies and at night that huge Hunter's moon. The last vestiges of Indian Summer, cold is coming tomorrow night.
We spent most of Sunday creating more mess, we have been trying to find the box with all the photographs and also some books that Hubby wants. Kind of like Christmas opening all the boxes, now I am trying to find places to put some of the things that were uncovered. I will be glad when we reach the point in the restoration process that allows me to paint, paper and put up shelves.

Seems strange to look out the window and see empty fields for miles, they finished clearing all the fields around us. Really amazing how quickly they are able to harvest such huge quantities of corn. The locals think nothing about it, but since the closest I was to corn before was the market seeing the process is fascinating. Break time is over, I have scrubbed the kitchen from top to bottom and am pooped, but need to bake cookies in case any "Trick or Treaters" show up. In our search I found the container with many of my cookie cutters and also sprinkles. I also found a couple of strings of lights, pumpkins and bats, oooohhhh!! so made a small display with my corn stalkes, baby gourds and the lights. Gave Hubby a chuckle as I also found some of those ghosts that you stuff paper in and hangup, hung them on the big fir tree in yard. Yeah, I'm one of those silly people!!

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