Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Beautiful Tuesday

What a pretty day we had today, started out chilly. At 9 am the yahoo weather said it was
30 and felt like 25, by the afternoon I had to take my sweater off. For the first time in ages
it was sunny and no clouds. When I took the dog out early there was frost on the grass, hard freeze due this week. I took the goats out this afternoon and we all enjoyed the sun. I had the bright idea to hook their chains to some old tires, in hopes they would eat and I could go clean their stall. Wrong, every time I tried to walk away they could cry and pull at their chains. So................ I stayed so they did not hurt themselves. I think they have my number,lol. The stray cat that has showed up now and then has taken up residence in stack of hay, guess it is nice and warm. I put dish out for water and bought some dry food for it.

Around 5:30 the wind started really blowing and the temp dropped like a stone. Took the dog out a little while ago and had to run back in for jacket, I guess shirt sleeve weather is over. Husband's hard work seems to be paying off, the house is nice and warm so far, of course the true test will be when it is sub zero. Still so much more to do, but it will all come together. Some times I just sit and imagine how it will all look once the stolen molding is replaced and cracks in walls fixed. New paint and paper, it will be super. I have whole stack of magazines for reference, both for house and gardens. I might just have to live to be 125 in order to finish all my projects.

Follow your dreams, but enjoy your present

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