Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter All!!

My super duper Husband was able to come home on Saturday which was a gift in it self, but to top it off he brought me a pot of Spring flowers. I know what they are but can't spell them,lol! They sure smell great and it was a breath of Spring, the guy sure knows the way to my heart. They have had so many glitches at work making it really rough on him. One little wire coming loose can shut the whole place down, and it takes hours tracing all that stuff to fix it. I am so glad when he can make it, gives him a chance to just unwind plus he gets his wash done. I made him London broil and served it over egg noodles with gravy and broccoli which made him happy. I love being able to fix him a good meal cause one never knows what he is eating during the week. Of course this morning he will want my homemade pancakes. I really like this recipe I found years ago in one of my old cookbooks. I have to twink with it and add cinnamon and vanilla, but makes him happy and fills his tummy. I also like making them from scratch, gives me more a feeling of doing something nice for him.

He also fixed my fridge. I was so upset as we just bought it this summer and to have it quit cooling was really upsetting me. Turns up there are air vents that bring the air to the fridge from the freezer and these had frozen shut. So I learned something new about the fridge and also lost a bunch of groceries, but the end result was good. I just want to know why the "new and improved" models of things do not work as well as the old guys??? You used to get a fridge and it worked for years and years with out a hitch.

I hope everyone enjoys their day, each in a way that makes them happy. I miss having the kids around and making the eggs and baskets, but I can enjoy the thought that Spring is moving ever closer. I am going bonkers over all the catalogs and websites with all the marvelous flowers and plants. I want it all, now!!! I have also gone on a magazine buying spree, I can sit and look at them for hours with all the pictures and ideas for gardens and plants. In one of my new ones they had pages of lilacs, so I could imagine them all around the yard. We have some old plants that need tending, from what I read you prune them back a third so that you always have new growth coming up. Now to figure out when to prune them as I get conflicting advice in different articles. As neglected as these guys are I guess anything I do will be a plus. From the article I found that the color range is much more then I thought so will be neat planning where and how to put them. With the different sizes and colors I should be able to make some really pretty spaces, plus these guys are so hardy. They are used quite a bit as wind and snow breaks. I was amazed to see how much snow the old lilacs and the pines trees captured.

Well, back to bed and hopefully a few more hours of sleep. If I can just get my brain to turn off and quit planning recipes for the restaurant and thinking of all the plants I want and where to put them. I think I do more work sleeping then I do when I'm awake,lol.

Happy Easter and Happy Spring to you all, Barbara


2 LMZ FARMS said...

I just wanted to drop in and see how you were doing and hope you and yours have a blessed Easter Sunday.

violetlady said...

I am so glad that your husband was able to get home for Easter. I think Spring has arrived here in Delaware. The birds are very busy and things are budding. I am just getting over the spring "crud" which ruined my Easter plans, but am feeling better now. Happy garden planning!

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Barbara,

I am glad your husband made it home for Easter, and the dinner you cooked for him sounds delicious. I have some family here until Saturday morning, so we have had a busy week so far. I am enjoying them so much.

I hope your week goes well, and Spring is advancing nicely in your area. Have a wonderful week.

Love and Blessings,