Friday, March 21, 2008

A Robin has Landed, Hooray!!!

Wednesday afternoon I spotted a Robin in my yard and then Thursday morning he was sitting in the tippy top of the big tree, just singing his heart out. Now this afternoon I spotted a Red winged Blackbird. Spring may very well be on the way!! The big maple trees are covered with leaf buds, almost overnight. So far the snow has stayed North of us which is fine with me. My neighbors children drove to see them and a 5 hour trip took more like 8. The drove through all the snow and yuck, but made it safe and sound.

I will be so glad when we are able to fence in some area for the goats, I just want to be able to fling the gate wide and let them run. I did open up another stall so they would have more room to chase each other around. This was after "child proofing" the new area. They still managed to get into stuff, but nothing bad. They found some empty feed bags which are now scattered all over and ripped to bits,lol. They got the big broom off the wall, why I don't know. The end result was that they had fun playing chase. I am looking for some of those big empty wooden spools to make a playground for them. I think they will have so much fun.

Best to you all my friends, Barbara

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Karen said...

Those goats sound like happy, carousing little toddlers:) Happy Easter to the Clarks, from the other Clarks