Monday, September 22, 2008

Very early morning

I'm up and can't sleep, had this problem all week. Not sure why but I am getting lots of reading done. I had managed to doze off and then about 4am Elvira was yodeling at my door wanting out. She does not bark that much and has this wierd whiny yodel. So out the herd and I went and back Elvira, Molly and I came. Charlie went who knows where, so while I waited for him to make an appearance I made a cup of tea. After about 10 min. he showed back up, by now of course I am wide awake so started catching up on my blog reading. I am really enjoying this blog stuff. Such a wide range of people makes it facinating.

I started a part time job at the store in town, I guess it will be alright. I have certainly worked worse places in my life and right now a few extra dollars will come in handy. I made a birthday cake last Friday for a friends husband, then got a call on Saturday with an order. Word of mouth is great!! I am hoping this will be a real start to getting my business rolling. We need to get to work on organizing my equipment in the garage and removing all the extra stuff that is out there. Oh, here is a photo of the wedding cake I did at the first of the month. One thing making this did was to make me realize I do not have the faintest idea where most of my stuff is. Also, not doing this for a while it takes a bit to remember all the steps. In the end all was well and the grooms Mother and Dad assured me that everyone loved it, which is always a good thing. I am looking forward to setting things up so everything has a place and making my cakes will not be quite so stressy.
On Good Morning America they did a piece on how many people were going back to having a garden in their yard or community gardens. They mentioned that having your own garden can save you in the area of $400.00 a year. I know I am loving going out and coming back in with 4 or 5 pounds of wonderful tasting tomatoes. I almost have enough to try making some tomato sauce to can. When the rest of them ripen I will really be busy.
Jim went back to his apartment last night, seems so strange with him gone. This past week was the longest he has been home in one stretch and I really liked having him here. As always we try to keep in mind that him having a job is a blessing. There is of course that corner of the mind that wishes a super job would open up around here, or one of the lottery tickets would come in with a few million. Hey, we can dream!! Just not count on it and enjoy what we have.
Think I will try going back to bed and catching a few zzzzzzzzzzzs. Best to you my friends, Barbara


Renie Burghardt said...

Good morning, Barbara,

I am always up early, Love the morning.

You have been busy,-part time job, wedding cake, which is beautiful, animals, garden chores, etc. Well, animals keep one on one's toes, doen't they? And all the good things coming from the garden are wonderful, aren't they?

I'm sorry Jim had food poisoning, and hope he is all well now.

Woo Hoo, I'm your first follower! And thank you for following me, dear Barbara. I have to drag garbage out to the road this morning, feed everyone, and get ready to run to town, so a busy morning ahead. Have a wonderful week!



violetlady said...

Barbara, that wedding cake is just beautiful. I love that bride and groom on top. So many wedding cakes these days don't have the bride and groom, but I am old fashioned and I like them.
I would love to learn to decorate cakes - just for my own use, not professionally.

Karen said...

Barbara, the cake is absolutely beautiful! I agree, I like seeing the bride and groom on top of the cake, and this one is so lovely.

Joanne said...

Just checked in on your blog and glad to see you're back - Welcome! The wedding cake looks beautiful, I could never imagine making something like that. You've got a real talent. And as for the gardens saving $400/yr, isn't the taste of those tomatoes alone worth any price? Enjoy ...

Peggy said...

I bet your bakery will happen really soon and be a big success! The wedding cake is beautiful