Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm Baccckkkkk!

Well, the first thing I have to say is thank you. Reading the comments this morning and reading that you missed me made me tear up. I tend to be pretty independent, had to be due the hand life delt, so having people notice I was not around touched me. Thank you again.

Ok, part of being MIA was being busy. I had a wedding cake to do and deliver. This was a fairly large reception so am hoping to garner more business from this. This time of year is hectic I have actually been canning!! I am pretty proud of myself with this new skill. I have salsa, applesauce and pickles. As soon as I purchase a pressure canner I will expand my skills. I love the idea I can put up meals to send with Jim for his apartment and also have back up here. I love cooking large batches of things so this will work well. Soon potatoes will be ready and I can buy 50 pound bags for less then $10.00, my friend Ellen tells me they can beautifully. So I am going to put some of those up also. I am also going to make lots of tomato sauce as that can be used in so many meals. My gourds are growing huge! I do not have many, but am thrilled with the ones I have. I now know I can grow them and make cool things with them.Last week was stressy as Jim was in the hospital, he had food poisoning. He had purchased some fried chicken at a store deli and about 1 am woke up very sick. That afternoon he went to the ER and the admitted him. He was there until Sunday, very scary as I was here and could not go hold his hand. All is well now, they gave him a week off from work so he has been at home where I can fuss over him.

I need to get ready to go out now, so will check in with you all later. On a closing note here is a picture of a neat plant my friend Caroll in MN shared with me. I believe it is call Dragon's Tears.


JGH said...

Great to see that someone else is growing gourds. I'm curious to know about how many you yield per plant? I grew 3 plants and only got about 5 little gooligan pumpkins this year - pretty disappointing. Yours look right & healthy, though!

GardenGoose said...

inviting you to come join the seed exchange fun over on my blog. I hope you'll join in.

violetlady said...

Welcome back, Barbara. I have missed you! So sorry to hear about Jim's illness - and to be away from home - double whammy.

Karen said...

So nice to have you back, Barbara! I was sorry to hear about Jim's illness. And that you couldn't be with him must have been stressful for both of you. How nice that you get to have him home with you now.

I used to can applesauce when my kids were small. We all loved it. Other than that and peach jam, I haven't done a lot of canning. It's a lot of work, but it would be so nice to have all that good food at your fingertips.

Have a good week:)