Tuesday, August 26, 2008


How many times have I told you to stay off the furniture??

It wasn't my fault, he made me do it. No, she was up here first, it's her fault! You know I would not do anything to upset you Mom. I love you!

Hide me Elvira, Mom's mad!

I keep telling people that having Charlie and Molly around is like having a couple of two year olds. I rest my case.

While out in the yard earlier Charlie found a box he would not leave alone. Turns out there was an opossum in it, great. So we go in and I hope the creature will go away. No such luck, we go out again and he manages to shake it out of the box. I run over to drag him away and there lies the possum, first time I have seen one play dead. Later on go out again and it is gone, Charlie wanted to go and hunt it up, I nixed that idea real fast.

This is a new morning glory I planted this year, they called it a double? I was hoping it would open up a little more but this seems to be as good as it gets.
It has been downright chilly in the mornings here, was 46 yesterday. It is only up to 73 so far today and it is 2:30. I like Fall but it is the thought of Winter following close on it's heels that does not make me real thrilled. It seems about the time you get the garden looking good, Mother Nature freezes it. Well, at least you have Spring to look forward too,lol.

The best to you, Barbara


PEA said...

Having animals is certainly very much like having children! lol Love the look on their faces! hehe It's getting very cold during the nights and mornings here too...one can tell that Autumn is right around the corner. Like you, I dread knowing that Winter is right behind!! Your flowers are just gorgeous, hopefully you won't be getting any frost for a while yet! xoxo

Joanne said...

I can't help laughing at the dog dialogue! You just know they're really thinking that! Just got your blog comment about the wind in the trees - I know just what you mean, it sounds almost like flowing water sometimes. And glad the 'possum got away :)

Mary said...

Your dogs are sweet. I have Meeko and he too likes to lie on the couch. When the grandsons come, I most always find him on the couch with them.

Love the morning glory. Autumn is speeding toward us and the days are cool and the nights chilly, but great for sleeping without the AC.

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2 LMZ FARMS said...

I understand completely.lol I always dread winter too. I plan on doing a post sometime in the near future on trimming hoofs. It's real easy. Hope you and yours have a blessed day

Nancy Jo said...

Yes puppys are a handfull but just too cute to get very mad at.
I know what you mean about things just getting wherer you want them and Fall is here. Sure went fast this year.

Jo said...

I have a little spare time this afternoon and the computer is co operating with me so I thought I would do a little hit and miss visiting. The crazy weather has been reeking havoc on my fibromyalgia lately and mostly all I have been wanting to do is eat ibuprophen and curl up on the couch.

Those babies of yours sure do have the look of innocense don't they..
Have a wonderful labor day Barb.

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, Charlie and Molly are so cute! I know Mom wasn't really mad at them for being on the couch. lol.

Hope the possum finally got the heck out of there. Of course, once they play dead, the dogs lose interest. At least that has been my experience. Who can blame them, the possum looks dead and ugh!

Love your morning glory.

Autumn isn't showing any signs around herfe yet. It's stil warm and we're getting some good rain today. Our cooler nights don't start until the end of October.

I enjoyed visiting, as always. Hope you're having a great week.



2 LMZ FARMS said...

Just wanted to drop in and check on ya. Hope you and yours have a blessed day.

violetlady said...

I have only seen possums really dead on the side of the road.
Funny post, Barbara. My little Beau is definitely like having a two year old with the brain of a forty year old.

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Barbara!
Gotta love those puppies all curled up all snuggly and warm on your SOFA! They always want to be where they shouldn't be. Puppies are so much fun, well most of the time!
It's cooling down here and I think I'm glad. We can finally go outside and not melt from the humidity & heat. ANd that's a good thing!
Hugs, Sherry

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Barbara,

You haven't posted in a few weeks, and I hope all is well on The Clark Homestead.



Joanne said...

Hi Barbara, Miss having you pop in at my blog, hope all is well here ...

violetlady said...

How are you Barbara? Thanks for stopping in at Violetlady. I hope you get a post up soon - I miss you.