Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mother Nature fooled me again!

Well, she got me again. I mentioned before that I did not think there would be any gourds, or watermelons as they got a late start. When I went into the garden on the weekend, lo and behold I have a gourd almost full size. Later in the day I found 3 baby watermelons plus a cucumber. She is an amazing lady and I need to have more faith. I may not get a huge crop but there will some gourds and other goodies. I also found some almost ripe tomatoes which I picked and they are now sitting on the window sill getting ready to be my BLT. Miss blog here is giving me fits and won't let me put my pictures or words where I want. So today's will be short.
Catch ya later.


2 LMZ FARMS said...

I had been trying for 2 days to blog and it wouldn't let me to anything. ARGH.... I just wanted to drop by and check in on ya, hope you and yours have a blessed day.

Mary said...


I love watermelons and the boys and I always buy gourds in the fall. They like to give them to their Mom for autumn decorating. Wish we had room to grow our own.

Enjoyed my visit, as always.


Renie Burghardt said...

Watermelon looks good, Barbara, and how neat on the gourds. Yes, Mother Nature can surprise us, can't she?

Hope blogger is being good again. She acts up at times, frustrating us.

Have a great weekend!



JGH said...

Congratulations on the gourds! I also tried a gourd for the first time this year - a little white gooligan pumpkin, and like yours, they were slow to form and I only have about 6 of them so far.

Would love to see some pics of your gourds when they're "done".

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Barbara!
I'm so excited for you with your garden surprises! Isn't it amazing how things can just seem to "appear" overnight in the garden? It's so wonderful! We haven't had a veggie garden in a while, never very successful with it, but it was still fun.
Have a great weekend!
Hugs, Sherry