Saturday, August 2, 2008

Soothing Saturday

The weatherman predicted hot, hot, hot for the last several days, thank goodness he was wrong.
Noon time and it is 75 with a nice breeze, I have about 4 loads of wash on the line and have been playing in my flowers. The government is urging us to hang out our wash to save fuel so I am being good and doing my part. I also enjoy it and figure that walking up and down the stairs and toting the laundry baskets is good exercise. As often happens when I am doing something that does not require my full attention, my mind wanders off the beaten track. I was thinking how we are so dependent on machines and end up running from dawn to dusk. While I am saving fuel and hanging my clothes out, I am enjoying the fresh air, sunshine and birds singing. I am moving around and exercising which helps my health, I have time to daydream and think important ? thoughts. When I take the clothes down I fold them so when I get inside all I have to do is put them away. If I have missed any stains in the washing, since they did not go through the dryer they are not set and I have another shot at getting them out. I always tried to pass on to the kids how to make their clothes last longer. Turn them inside out, treat stains from the back, always check for stains, take things out of the dryer before they are bone dry. The guys actually do a better job of it, makes me proud.

More lessons from the garden, plant things further apart, these plants get huge!! Next year I am allowing much more space, some of the tomatoes and sweet potatoes have disappeared under the summer squash. The watermelon is invading the strawberry patch and the zucchini has taken over the whole other end of the garden. Some of the tomato plants are about 5 feet tall, wow, and getting covered with maters. The enjoyment of picking fresh, non chemical treated veggies is great. Jim has enjoyed zucchini fritters served with sour cream, fried zucchini with marinara sauce. He is also enjoying the strawberry jam I made. Once the tomatoes are ripe the fun will really start, I am checking out all kinds of recipes. My friend Ellen gave me a recipe for frozen coleslaw, never heard of it, tastes great. Once the new crop of potatoes comes in she is going to show me how to can them, in December we will be able to enjoy all kinds of fresh stuff.

This is one of those nice, relaxing days that are so few and far between. Jim is working on a project and having fun in his own shop which is super. He is also finding lots of his toys, amazing all the things we have. Days like this help to make up for the ones where it is 30 below and the wind is howling. Hopefully this winter will find us a little warmer.

Best to you, Barbara


Nancy said...

Sounds like you are having a great day! I am getting ready to head out to get my cat food and supplies for them today. Dread that job, though! LOL

Your fresh produce sounds soooo good! Wish I had a place to plant some zucchini as I love zucchini bread! Maybe next year, I'll plant some in back.

Have a great weekend!

(((((( HUGS ))))))

violetlady said...

What a wonderful, peaceful day. I returned from vacation to find a few ripe cherry tomatoes and the other ones looking ok, but the vines are all straggly and yellowish. Either husband dear watered them too much or too little.

2 LMZ FARMS said...

Wish it could be 75 here. Yesterday the temps got up to 105 and that was in the shade. We have been under an extreme heat advisory all week. Just another day here in the South I guess. Sounds like you have been busy with everything. Take care and hope you and yours have a blessed day

Joanne said...

Hi Barbara, Today in Connecticut is one of those beautiful days you talked about yesterday. Very rare this summer. We love picking our veggies fresh from the vine too. There's nothing like it, zucchini on the grill with a little olive oil - the best! It's nice to be outside today.

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Barbara!
The fresh smell of laundry hung on the line, nothing like it! I haven't experience that since I was a kid.
And fresh grown zucchini? If I lived close I'd be stopping by begging for one or two!! I love anything made with zucchini.
Molly is so adorable! Puppies are amazing to watch, they are so full of curiosity and energy. Have a great week!
Hugs, Sherry

BClark said...

Hi Nancy and Sherry,
I would sure share with you, I am amazed at how fast the zucchini grows. I will pick them and turn around and there are more. Maybe I could overnight them,lol. Used to get a dish in Boston that was zuc, tomatoes and onion all cooked with italian spices. Looking forward to some of that, all fresh, hoorya.

Renie Burghardt said...

Nice temperatures, a garden full of fresh veggies. a contented husband doing his own thing-sounds like an ideal day for you, Barbara. I like to hang laundry outdoors as well. I use sunshine and wind to dry them, instead of electricity, and a little exercise when hanging them up, and taking them down, etc., a win win situation. Ah, my little garden is doing well, too, and I' enjoying tomatoes, cucmbers, and squash galore!

I also enjoyed this post so much!