Sunday, August 3, 2008

Warmish Sunday

Jim is on his way back to work, he was supposed to be home for 4 days but something broke at work . So, now he is on the way back and it will be two weeks before he is home again. This is always the part that bugs me the most and I have all the selfish whiny thoughts of I wish he were here. Yuck, do not like to be like that, should be sending lots of prayers up being thankful he has a job. He had a project this weekend that went well, got the item made and shipped. I am so proud of all his talents, just wish they would come together a little better for him.

Had to brag about one of my roses, I think it is so lovely the different hues. The bud it starts out with is perfect in shape and takes several days to open. In all we get to enjoy the rose for almost a week. The other roses are growing so fast, lots of buds so will have beauty and great scent for weeks. As I mentioned before the garden is going wild, so fun. In the foreground on the right is the ONE zucchini plant, on the left are the strawberries. Back right are tomato plants, middle are the monster yellow squash plants, left we have broccoli and cauliflower. Taking over the fence in the back are my gourd plants, this is a 5 foot fence to give you some prospective. Now you see why I am revising my garden plans for next year, much more room. So lucky to have so much space to spread out and plant to my hearts content.
Wanted to show of the terrible twosome, Molly is really growing fast. She gives Charlie a work out, fearless little thing. Charlie is changing color, my theory is that since he was always tied out he got bleached. Now that new hair is growing in he is a wonderful shade of chocolate. I am also showing off several more of our projects as in painting house a better color, putting down a real porch floor rather then sheets of plywood. I have a new storm door picked out. The current one is bent on the left side where it was pried open when they broke in and stole our woodwork and appliances, plus it is uuugly. The upside is that we can't sit around and moan we are bored or have nothing to do. It will be fun to post pictures showing the afters as we get them done.

Going and reading others blogs is a pleasant way to spend a few hours, so much diversity, but so much the same. We all have joys, sorrows, challenges and successes. How we meet the hurdles and clear them gives us different slants on life. I learn so much from you all and enjoy your visits and comments. Thank you for sharing, Barbara


violetlady said...

Barbara, thank you for your positive comments on my last post. I truly appreciate it.
Your garden is amazing! I think you do have a green thumb.
The dogs are so sweet. Will Molly grow to be as big as Charlie?
Sorry Jim had to go back to work early. It must be tough to be there by yourself so much especially with so much to do.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Barbara,

Your rose picture is beautiful. I have a huge rose bush with the same colored flowers. It has bloomed profusely since May, and is still blooming, though not as abundantly as earlier, and maybe the extreme heat has slowed it down some.

Your garden looks great! Mine needs a lot of watering now, as we've been in the mid-90s and had only smaller amounts of rain. There is a good chance of rain in mid-week, and I'm hoping the weatherman is right so I can take a break from watering for a day or two. But I like summer better than winter, even with the heat.

Charlie and Molly look cute together! Are the kitties more used to them now? My cats (I have 5) and dogs get along really well, thank goodness.

Sounds like you have some good plans to keep you busy and out of trouble. lol. Looking forward to seeing the finished projects. There is always something that needs to be done on a homestead.

I enjoy reading blogs as well, and yours is always so fun and interesting, and inspiring! Hope you have a great week!



Joanne said...

Your garden looks amazing, def filled to the brim! Lots of great food going on here. Love the pups, too. And thank you for your kind blogger comments here. It's true, isn't it? As we make our way through our days, visiting and learning from others is so nice.

Nancy Jo said...

Yes your garden is taking on the look of an English garden, which is a very good thing.
MUT AND JEFF are cute standing on the porch. Bet they are into a lot of mischief.
It must be sad with you DH away I know I wouldn't like it, but you are being very positive about it.
Thank you for always being one of my favorite visitors.

BClark said...

Thank you all for your super comments. It always brings a smile to my face when I read what you leave for me.
Violet, Molly will be as big as if not bigger then Charlie. You are so welcome for the positive, figure we all need a boost now and then.
Renie, we were supposed to get rain, but none has shown up. This soil seems to hold the water so only have to water every few days. I really am enjoying being able to do as I please, when I please. I want wall to wall plants, flowers, veggies and herbs.

Best to you all, Barbara

PEA said...

Hello dear Barbara:-)

I'm back from visiting my boys and now trying to catch up with everyone!

Your rose is just gorgeous, they are such fascinating flowers aren't they! The 5 rose bushes I have in my faerie garden are starting to bloom all over again so I'll be enjoying them once more:-) Your garden is certainly doing well...I have potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, peas, yellow string beans, carrots and beets growing in mine. I can't wait until everything is ready to eat out of it!!

The dogs are so precious and seem to get along so well. They have a good loving home with you:-)

It has to be hard every time Jim has to go away to work like that but as you say, in these hard times, he's very lucky to have a job:-) xoxo

Jo said...

What ever you decide to do around your arch I am sure that it will be beautiful. I do love that arch. It goes perfect with your house. I am anxious to see what you come up with. too bad we have to take a break for winter...huh?