Friday, November 14, 2008

Another Friday, come and gone

I was looking at the pictures I have taken of the girls and Charlie outside. While they look good, I also see how much work needs doing. I think next year is going to be designated "The year of Painting". The plan is to buy the paint over the winter and by Spring I should have enough to get a good start. The buildings are sound, but have been neglected over the years and it shows. I am hoping by this time next year we will have a beautiful maize colored home, with nice white outbuildings. I really do have a plan, honest.

I continue to try to weather proof the girls home, and they continue to thwart me. The idea was that I would stack hay bales and this would block the wind. Their idea is that I stack the hay bales and they play on them and knock them down. At this junction we are at an impasse. I have one layer of bales topped with several broken up bales. Rather then a wall I have more of a mound. I suppose it will help somewhat, but I really want to cover up most of the opening. When the wind is from the South it blows straight into their house. The rug we tacked over the opening last year is now thread bare, they found it amusing to chew on it. So we continue, I get my exercise lugging the hay bales around, and they have fun. I guess it is a good trade off.

I am watching TV and Charley Gibson is on with a story about DJ Gregory. This young man has cerebral palsy, his gait is halting and uncertain. He had a goal, to walk all the PGA tournament courses this year and he did it. He has had operations on his legs, but walking is still a chore. His Dad was saying that his toes overlap and so the pressure on them when he walks is painful. Yet, this amazing young man kept on walking until he met his goal, over 900 miles. We complain and then someone amazing comes along and makes us look like whine babies. His spirit is beautiful and I wish him all wonderful things.

Best to you my friends


PEA said...

I wish I lived near so that I could help you with the's something I actually enjoy doing! lol Amazing what just a coat of paint can do to a building:-)

I had to giggle when I read about the girls thinking that the bales of hay are to play with! hehe

You're right, we tend to complain about little things and then see someone like DJ Gregory and realize we have absolutely nothing to complain about. He certainly is someone we can all look up to! xoxo

Karen said...

I looked back at some of your posts, and realized I missed the one with the picture of your porch in the snow. Your place looks so pretty, frosted in white. Probably not much consolation to feeling the cold, though. Those girls sure keep you busy. But, they're so dang cute!

Joanne said...

Way too much fun going on over there with the hay bales! I like painting too. It's almost therapeutic. Fun to plan for the spring, isn't it?

recoveryagent2 said...

Barb, We are enjoying the type of weather people move to Florida for.
We call it "Chamber of Commerce" weather since they brag about it so much to tourists.
I just put my Christmas tree up!!! I know it is earlier than ever before but it recently dawned on us that my daughters youngest (2 1/2yrs old) has never seen a Christmas tree, lights, Christmas decorations, heard carols or heard of Santa Claus and certainly never experienced a Christmas morning or gifts just for her. We are so excited we can't stand waiting!!
I also have the urge to paint but it will wait till spring and I make a few decorating decisions. It's time to say good-bye to my family room furniture after 20 years :) I seriously need a change. We have been looking but I can't believe the price of the furniture I had in mind.
Wishing you could return to Florida for a visit - although I do love to keep up via your web site. Your boundless energy and inovative ideas always give me pause and inspire me to get busy.
Stop it!!! My list is long enough.
Wishing I could come and play in the snow with you ... but I have too much sand in my shoes.
Have a great Thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for this year, business is picking up, a new grandaughter, my mom's (98yrs) good health, my family's overall good health and stable employment, a roof that doesn't leak and a cozy bed to sleep in....I am truly thankful for it all and wish the same for everyone.
Love ya,

2 LMZ FARMS said...

I would offer to help paint but I'm horrible with a paint brush. No Joke. Your girls sounds like mine, always into Hope you and yours have a blessed day

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Barb!
Your photos of the snow are so nice and Miss Molly and Charlie are looking so fabulous! They ARE great looking dogs!What would we do without them, they are so loving and such great family members!
I have known about DJ Gregory from my brother who is an avid golfer. What an incredible story! It makes you think a bit differently about our pain and problems. We have so much to be thankful for!
Oh I would appreciate any mention of my signs! How sweet of you! I have sold a few and am so excited. I didn't think anyone would find them worthy, but some people have
liked them!
Big hugs, Sherry

Nancy said...

The girls...the goats? I bet they do get cold. I can't remember.....Another senior moment! LOL I have an Igloo insulated doghouse I used to use for the feral cats on my patio, but now they are all inside here with me, except one, and she just won't enter the trap again. I had her spayed about 7 years ago and released her, and you'd think she'd have forgotten about being in that trap, but she hasn't! I would love to get her checked out at the vet again and bring her inside, too.

I love to paint, too! Pea and I could be a big help to you! I just wish I had time to finish painting my bedroom. Started it 2 years ago this past October, and I still have one more wall to paint yet! Maybe someday I will retire and get these things all done, but for now, I have to work in order to keep all 33 cats fed well, plus vet bills are so high. I never get out of that place for less than $200 anymore! They charge like a human doctor these days! So for now, I have to work for my cats, but I love 'em, so I'm not complaining.

Yes, DJ Gregory is an inspiration to us all! Bless his heart!

(((((( HUGS ))))))