Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow, Snow and more Snow

We have had days and days of bitter cold, finally it warmed up and now we have snow. Somewhere around 6 inches and more to come tomorrow.As you can see the dogs just hate it!! Every once and a while they would hit a really deep drift and be over their head. They were so much fun to watch. You can see just back of them where the ground is clear, gives you an idea how strong the wind was. Some areas have blizzard warnings, not sure how close that will end up being. I am prepared, food, water, back up heat, hopefully I won't have to use any of the emergency stuff. Something nice came out of this, went out to take care of the goats and found my drive was all cleared. Called around and found out one of the neighbors had done mine and the folks across from me. He would not take any money, so nice of him. Gave me lots of smiles and good feelings.

I finally finished my mice, so now they are singing in the front yard. Of course, looking at them I see all kinds of things wrong, but figured I had spent enough time messing with them. I also did over a yard sign that used to belong to Jim's Mom. It was getting a little worn, so gave it new coat of paint and slightly different personality.

This was the sunrise the other morning, I am always intrigued by the patterns the frost makes on the windows.

Hope all is well for all my friends, lots of good plans for the holidays.


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Barbara,

Your snow pictures are beautiful! And the dogs look like they're really having a ball.

How nice of your neighbor to clear your driveway. People in the country look out for each other. I have nice neighbors as well.

Love your mice and yard sign, and that sunrise is lovely. We've had a beautiful sunrise this morning.

Our ice here finally melted Thursday night, as the temperatures rose into the fifties, then got up to 65 Friday. It was wonderful.

Today, my son is coming and we're going to lunch and on a shopping spree. That will be fun.

Enjoy your beautiful snow. Hope it warms up a bit though.

Have a Merry Christmas!!



Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Barbara!
Molly & Charlie look like they're just having a ball!! Wanted to stop by and wish you a very Merry Christmas Barbara!
Big holiday hugs, Sherry

Joanne said...

Love that snowman Merry Christmas sign that you painted. So charming! We had snow yesterday too, 10-14 inches! We were basically snowed in. A little reprieve today, then more again tomorrow! It's pretty, but the retailers aren't liking it, it's keeping the shoppers home. Looks like a White Christmas this year.

recoveryagent2 said...

Hey Barb,
The sun is shining and my windows are open...thinking of you my Northern friend!!
Love the mice, they are really very cute and I couldn't see a thing wrong with them.
Off to Epcot to see Santa and the Candlelight Processional, beautiful every year....also going to meet another family with a newly home Chinese daughter about the same age as my two girls.
Hope this finds you well and warm.
Have a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year.
Love, Penny

Nancy said...

Love your mice!!! I have quite a few mice for inside...ceramic, stuffed, etc. Love snowmen, too!

Your snow pics are lovely! It looks so serene and peaceful, although you mentioned that it was blowing. I miss the snow so much!!!

Great neighbor to come and clear your drivewawy like that! I was raised in a little town in PA and people there do that for their neighbors, also. In the city, uh, huh, no such thing! We lived in IN, and the city side streets didn't even get cleared by the city, and then the ruts would freeze overnight, making it almost impossible to even drive without damaging your car. Here in SC, if the 'snow' word is even mentioned, everything shuts down completely! Malls, schools, businesses, every thing!

Sounds like you look out for your your lttle feathered friends as well as your furry ones! That tells me what kind of person you really are! Love it!!!

(((((( HUGS ))))))