Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Holidays!!

This is a picture I took a few days before Christmas, I believe they call it a snow dog. It was sunrise and misty snow, in some ways it resembles a rainbow. I have tried to take pictures of these before without success, so was happy to capture it.

Jim left about an hour ago to return to work. We had a nice quiet Christmas, time to relax and enjoy. Jim also did a little more work on the place.

We are still trying to make the little room off the kitchen livable. I finished putting up the insulation on the wall, I believe I mentioned that we were just stapling it up for now. Over the summer we will tear out the walls and put in proper insulation and probably a new roof on it. It is much warmer, but in the basement there is a crawl space under that room. Jim has gone under there several times trying to insulate it. He put up thick slabs of insulation and taped it all and foamed around it but we still had a breeze coming from under there. You have to climb on a ladder and then through a hole in the basement wall to access this space. I had shoved all kinds of things in the hole in an effort to block the wind. So Jim, bless his heart climbed under again. This time he was able to spot some places where the dirt was frosted so he could tell where the wind was coming in. Have I mentioned that much of the "improvements" were not done with an eye toward good workmanship?? This space is so low you have to crawl or sit. So here is my poor husband,all scrunched up mixing up cement to put over these places. It was a success, as soon as he put the cement along the one side the wind stopped. Next time he is home he will put more down, covering the dirt will make me feel good as well as warm. I think he goes back to work to rest up from all he does here.

Watching the news can be very depressing, having Good Morning America and Evening News with Charlie put good stuff out there is nice. They showed so many people doing good things, made ya cry. A young girl spending time with the residents of a nursing home, and sponsoring a pajama and robe drive. She saw them in the hospital gowns and thought they should have something nice to wear. A man giving up his job so a younger colleague would not be let go. The younger man had four children and one is autistic, so the family really needs the insurance. Losing his job would have been a disaster. Each of the stories gives brings joy and hope that others will be inspired to do helpful things. It does not take that much to do something good or helpful, just a little bit of time. (Sorry about the change in script, blogger is being naughty)

We are in a heat wave, was up to almost 40 yesterday, 21 right now. What a mess, melting snow everywhere, and ice. I even turned the heat down in the house as it is nice and warm, will be a shock when the cold returns. What is even nicer is that I will be able to get more done in the attic. I am trying to organize my craft and sewing supplies as well as my office space, slow going as i keep dragging more stuff up there.

Have a great weekend, enjoying family and all the loot Santa brought.


Hootin' Anni said...

I'm so happy you decided to take her word and stop by to visit with me. I just read all that you two have been doing with your home and yep, had to laugh at the part where you said going back to work is like getting away from all the MORE work he's doing at home...that is just exactly what my husband always said. 'Tis true more than likely too.

That photo you captured is one glorious, beautiful photo! Wow. What timing to be outdoors and see this and then have the photo turn out just so perfect!!!

And then, the share you put up on your blog about the older man left work to keep the younger family man from being laid off...that was tearful and so beautiful at the same time.

Have a super wonderful New Year's day, and please, drop by was fun to have you visit and leave a comment!!!

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Barbara!

I love your snow dog capture. It's beautiful!

I'm so glad Jim was able to seal the spots where the wind was coming through. I know it makes a big difference.

It is heartwarming to read about the people who make an effort to help people in need. There is so much joy in "giving!"

I had a wonderful holiday. Christmas Eve at home with my middle son and his girl friend, and a couple of dear friends who are alone. Christmas Day we went to a big dinner with over 50 friends. It was so much fun. Today I had some company and tomorrow evening is our Church Christmas buffet, then the festivities are over. I'm looking forward to some quieter times for a bit.

Speaking of warmer weather we've been in the 70s today! And it will stay mild until after New Year's Day. Yay!

Thank you for your always sweet comments on my humble blog. Have a wonderful week and a Happy New Year!

Hugs and blessings,


Mary said...


Love the photo of she snow dog. I have seen those too and they are indeed difficult to photograph, but this one is perfect.

I can understand your hubby going back to work to rest from the renovations he's been doing. We were five months getting the upstairs done. When we closed the door on the finished project, we gave a sigh of relief.

I do hope you had a wonderful Christmas.


Joanne said...

Hi Barbara, Love the snow dog, very beautiful. Glad you enjoyed the holiday! It's true what you say about a house, the work is never really done. But every little bit moves things along, and gives you a feeling of satisfaction, doesn't it? Enjoy the rest of the holiday season!

violetlady said...

It sounds like you had a real working holiday. I am glad you are getting the house all sealed up against the cold and wind. I have never heard of a snow dog. Why is it called that? I was wondering how many goats you have? We had a quiet Christmas as well. It was seventy degrees here yesterday --about thirty over normal. Have a wonderful New Years. Will Jim be home?

Nancy said...

Your snow dog photo is beautiful!!! You got a good one and just at the right time, too!

Glad you got the cold draft stopped. It does make a difference.

Some great 'giving' stories you told! There are still some good people on this earth. We all should help others when we can as we never know when we could be in such a situation.

Sounds cold there...Brrrrrr.....Here I have had my A/C on a few days. We had a warm Christmas and haven't even needed the heat on, day or night. We enjoy these warm days but then I enjoy the cooler ones, too....expecially after the scorcher of a summer we had this year!

Stay warm now...

(((((( HUGS ))))))

PEA said...

Hi Barbara:-)

Finally back to blogging and having a fun time catching up with all of you!! What a beautiful shot you got of the "snow dog"...just the other day I saw one too, wonder if it was the same day!!

Certainly does sound like Jim is kept busy when he comes home...there's always something that needs to be doing:-) Glad he was able to find the spot where the wind was coming from.

Wishing you and yours all the very best that 2009 has to offer. xoxo

recoveryagent2 said...

Hey girlfriend....Loved the picture - but what in the world is a "Snow Dog"? Never heard of such a thing but then again we don't get much snow in Florida :)
Keep up the home improvements, you do inspire me...but I am going to start another quilt. I'm not too fast or too good but I do have an abundance of ambition, fabric and talented friends to bail me out of trouble. My last fortune cookie said "You cannot change the waves but you can learn to surf", poetic, so my quilt will be beach influenced.
Now that our New Years is past I am getting ready for Chinese New Years, the Year of the Ox, Jan 26th
It traditionally requires a throughly clean house (the hard part), new clothes, monetary gifts in red envelopes, plentiful food, reflection and a large celebration. We will be enjoying that part (dinners, dragon dances, firecrackers and lantern festival) all week!!
Wishing you found dreams, accomplishment, good health and good fortune this new year.
Born in the year of the Pig, which my waistline reflects! Alas, another resolution to contend with.

Renie Burghardt said...

Dear Barbara,

I hope the new year has been good so far. Have happy, a healthy, and joy filled new year!

Got to get ready for church soon. Have a happy Sunday, too.



Nancy said...

Just checking in, looking for a new post from you. Do hope you are well.

((( HUGS )))

violetlady said...

Barbara, stop over at my blog to see the award I just gave you!