Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy 2009

Charlie was helping me take pictures, he is curious and my shadow. He is very handsome and tries so hard to figure out what I want from him. Miss Molly is coming along well also, she is more determined and takes a bit firmer tone of voice. Then she comes back so I can rub her ears and she can give me kisses, sort of make nice type of thing. I think she has about outgrown this bed, what do you thinkI'm still getting used to it being 2000 and now here it is 2009. Time is flying by, faster and faster. Remember when we were kids and everything seemed to take so much time. Was talking to someone the other day and mentioned the old saying " Too soon old, too late smart". The older I get the truer that is, looking back it is a bit of a miracle I made it this far in one piece.
I guess what got me on this track was looking at pictures of my oldest Granddaughter, she is so pretty and full of life. She also has 3 beautiful children and is a good Mother to them, but I worry about her. I can vividly remember being her age, and on my own with 2 children, I felt so old and thought I knew what I was doing. In retrospect I wish I had been more in control of the direction my life took. I pretty much got along by reacting to situations, we survived by my working all the time. I seldom had a full day off and tried to structure my jobs around my children. I made sure we went fun places, being in Boston made that easy so much to do. I also dressed them in beautiful clothes and they had all the newest toys. Now I wish I had gone to school and spent more time with them, ah well. Not much to do now. I try when I talk to my children to get them to think more about their future, make plans etc. I don't think I am getting the point across , worries me.

We had a nice New Year, Jim was able to come home Wednesday morning and did not have to leave until Sunday afternoon. The weather was not too bad, which was a blessing. He put more insulation up in the attic, did some more cement work under the back room. Just having him home is so nice, knowing there is another human being sharing my space. I enjoy cooking nice meals for him and making sure he has nice clean clothes to take back with him. This time I tried making sticky Cinnamon buns from scratch. Other then setting the oven on fire, I did pretty well. They do take a lot of time, the ones I have made in the past were the frozen dough kind. The whole process took about 3 hours, but was well worth it. He and his staff are enjoying my experiment. I have a request from my son, he wants apple butter and has put in a request for more Strawberry jam. His girlfriend also wants some more pickles. Having people enjoy what I have grown and preserved is a very satisfying feeling.
The house has been comfortable, not too much wind so the place stays warm. This gives me more incentive to do more things around the house. Feels good to be making some progress, feelings of accomplishment and all that.
I hope that everyone is starting the new year off in good spirits and health. I wish us all answers to dreams and prayers, that we may prosper not only financially but also spiritually.


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Barbara,

Love your header of the house and all the snow. It looks so beautiful in the wintry setting.

Charlie and Molly are so cute. And yes, Molly looks like she has outgrown her bed. LOL.

I'm glad Jim was home for the new year's holiday, and I know he enjoyed your cinnamon buns!

You know, I have some "wish I had done things differently back then," thoughts as well, at times. But for the most part, I did okay, and my children and grandchildren are all doing well, and are such a blessing to me. So I have a lot to be thankful for, just as you do.

Now, in mid-winter, all we can do is dream of an early Spring, and plan to have a garden again to grow lots of beautiful flowers as well as good things to eat. Meanwhile, let's enjoy the "now," and be glad we're here to greet the new year! Happy New Year, dear Barbara!

Hugs and blessings,


Joanne said...

Hi Barbara, I always enjoy your take on things, like the too-big dog in the too-small bed. I had to laugh. And how we're just getting used to it being 2000, and now 2009?? No kidding! When did all that happen? Wish we could throw a lariat around time and slow it down a little.

Joanne said...

P.S. The dog picture reminded me of that old children's book, Go Dog! Go. Have you ever seen it?

Karen said...

I love the picture of you house! So beautiful and cozy in the snow.

Great picture of Molly in her bed. I had a good laugh and showed my kids:)

Wouldn't it be nice to go back and do some things over, knowing then what we know now? I guess we all just do the best we can with what we have.

I love your wish for the new year. . . wishing you answers to dreams and prayers, as well.