Saturday, January 31, 2009

This is not our house, but it is the color I want to paint our house. Now to me the color reminds me of the color maize that used to be in the crayon box. What do you think? I spotted this house a couple of years ago and fell in love with the color, it is yellow, but not tooo yellow, or bright. To me it looks welcoming and friendly and like home. How would you describe the color, I can not seem to find a match in the stores. I went by this house last summer and they had closed in the porch, I so wanted to drive up and tell them NOOOO. They framed it in that brownish color that they have trimmed the house in. To me, it ruined the whole look. I like the white trim, but not the reddish brown, thing is I am not sure what other color to use. I know not green or black, still trying to puzzle that out. Hopefully by the end of summer our home will be transformed.

I like all our trees, have always loved trees. When I was very small we lived in upstate New York and had a small country store. In the back yard was an old apple tree which was my refuge, when I would climb up there I was safe. I had many adventures in that old tree. In Florida there are wonderful old Oak trees, with long swooping branches. Just perfect for climbing. Friday was warmer and sunny and when I took the dogs out the trees were still frosted.

I did a few things around the kitchen, trying to make it feel better. I found some of my molds in a box and decided to hang them. Hopefully over the summer this strange bump out will be gone along with the ugly ceiling and cabinets. I want to find some old glass front cabinets to replace these ugly wood things. I also am going to put in an island . I took a large box and put it where I wanted an island, this way I could try it out to see if it would work. I think it will, so now I am trying to figure out exactly what shape I want.

I had purchased this plant holder at a thrift shop sometime ago. I never found the right pots to put in it, but while browsing through Michael's I found these vases and thought, why not??? I kinda like how it looks.

I also want to mention that our Miss Renie is one of those who is without power. Thanks to her daughter we are being kept up to date and Renie is doing well. She has her crank radio so can get the news. So many of the trees are being damaged by all the ice on them. So I am sending out prayers and good wishes to all those without power, hoping that all will be restored soon. My friend Debby who lives in Tennessee was brushed by that storm, but not to the extent that Miss Renie was.

Best to all, hope everyone stays warm, dry and happy.


Joanne said...

I see you're making progress painting the flowers on your kitchen cabinets. They look so charming, and have the same warmth as that gorgeous color maize on that house. Very pretty.

The winter has been rough in so many places this year. Lots of snow and ice here in New England, with another nor'easter predicted this Tuesday. Everything will be shut down for a day as the snow piles up again! We'll see what the groundhog says tomorrow, if spring is just around the corner.

Karen said...

I love yellow and the color of that house sounds yummy. I like the clean look of white trim. If you want to add another color, perhaps in the shutters or just on certain parts of the trim. I soft hunter green or a shade of red? I don't know, I'm not very good at describing shades of color. I do like the clean look of the white and yellow.

I've started thinking about doing something with our kitchen cabinets. In the last two houses, I painted them and replaced some of the wood panels with glass. I loved the look. Hubby likes the natural wood and I do, if it's a pretty wood. Ours isn't very pretty. Lots of other things on the list though, so this will be something I'll be mulling over for a long time, til I make myself crazy, no doubt!

Nancy said...

I have thought of Renie so much lately! She must be a true pioneer, bless her heart. And you know how cold a house gets without any heat in it. Hopefully, her power will soon be restored. She's a real trooper, isn't she?

I love the color of that home! And I agree, wholehearedly, with you about the closed in porch they did. Ruined the looks of the entire home by how you described it.

I haven't heard the word 'maize' in years, though. That is the prettiest shade in the yellow family! I got one of those thick,
slim, color books from a paint store that shows ALL the different shades, in progression, on each leaf. Maybe you could get one and go through that to find a color you would like with the yellow. How about a lighter mint green color, if you prefer pastels. I would choose black shutters on the yellow, myself. But we all have different tastes when it comes to our own homes. I like something to make a loud statement, like me! LOL

The molds look nice where you hung them, and I love the vases in your other decorative hanging. Looks very pretty. Little things like that make a big difference, don't they?

My kitchen is going through a facelift at the present...I had wallpaper put up when I bought this place in 2000. It was just 8 months old and like brand new, but so bland! NOW, I am taking that wallpaper down! What a job! Just doing a little each day. I am trying to decide on a paint color. I love the teal-greens,
like they use in Florida
homes. My wallpaper was the teal colored ivy, and I bought matching fabric to go with it and made a pretty full valance like a pantaloon valance with small ruffle on bottom. So I have been looking for a tropical print fabric for new chair cushions and window treatment. My cabinets are white, and my kitchen set is white rattan. We women have it tough, don't we? Shopping til we drop! LOL

I live alone so have to do everything myself, and I must say, I am not afraid to tackle anything. I have, and I will continue to do so! I bought more ceramic tile to tile my bathrooms. I did my foyer myself, and it looks good. I bought one of those laser levels and used that to keep it all straight and square. I even put down the new baseboards and shoe molding myself. I have to keep busy or go crazy! LOL Wish I lived closer...we'd have a ball doing stuff together!

To get up to 62 here today! Then snow showers Tuesday!

Have a great Sunday, Barbara! Hope all your fur-kids are warm and content. Mine are all sacked out for the afternoon!

((( HUGS )))

Mary said...

The yellow house is beautiful and I don't really care for yellow, but that colour is warm and draws you to it. Coziness... and the white trim sets it off.

Love what you are thinking of doing to your kitchen. I'm hoping to do our kitchen this year. It's been a LONG time since it was done and it needs redoing. Did you handpaint the flowers on your present cabinets?

Oh, I must stop by Renie's and let her know I'm praying for her. Thanks for the heads up.

Thanks also for the kind words, love and support on the passing of Meeko. Boy, this house is quiet without him. He wasn't a noisy dog, but just the jingle of his dogtags let me know he was here. I also misso our walks. It just isn't the same without him.

Take care and enjoy your week. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos of your newly painted house and the reno on your kitchen.


violetlady said...

I think that color is wonderful. I am going to go right now and look at the crayons to find the color maize and then look at the paint chip book we have. I will let you know if I find any matches. Like Nancy, I think black shutters wood look great against that color. For an accent color around the windows, a soft green. That's my vote!

violetlady said...

I just noticed my typo in my post - not "wood", but "would."
I checked the crayon box. No maize. I checked the Sherwin Williams paint sample book and I think maize is a soft yellow with a faint touch of gold or tan. Does that sound like it?

Nancy Jo said...

Hi Barb,
Oh I love that color yellow, hope you can match that for your house. How pretty.
Like all your new decorating. I see those molds at the thrift. But I have no place to hang them.
Don't know exactly how Angela made that picture on my site. Under the picture in the comment section she tells about it, but I still didn't get it, it looks like the bird nest is RIGHT THERE! I really like the picture too.