Monday, January 19, 2009

This and That

On Saturday it started to warm up which was a good thing, the wind started to blow which wasn't such a good thing. As you can see in the first picture twas not a good day for man nor beast. My two beasties have the right idea. It was a great relief to have the temperatures head up over zero. We spent over three days with temperatures hovering around minus 20 something and that was not with the wind chill. To give you an example it was 40 degrees in my kitchen, needless to say I did not spend much time there. The second floor is much warmer and that is where we all hung out. Sunday was positively balmy with the temperatures up to 27 degrees above. Sorry to be so fixated on the weather, but it does tend to make an impact and if you live where it is warmer you can be smug. If you have the same type or worse we can share the misery.

As it warmed I got more energetic and made a triple batch of the peanut butter treats for the pups and worked on some of my angels. I also have been trying to make my dining room table look a tad better. It is an older solid wood table that I purchased at the thrift shop several years ago. It had not lead a gentle life but I liked the looks of it. Now I am finally getting around to trying to get the wobble out of it and a bit more of a shine. I do not plan on stripping it as I feel when you do that to an older piece of furniture it loses it's character. I'll let you know how it all comes out. I tried before just using some glue but it seems to have worn off, so am trying something that seems to be especially for old joints. Wonder if it would work on mine??, of course mine are not loose, just the opposite.

I am having one of those nights where I just can't sleep, short of hitting myself over the head I'm not sure what to do. So, here I am bugging you guys. Amazing all the places your mind goes when you are trying to turn it off. Then I decided to read and thought something awful had gone wrong with my eyes. I could not get the words to focus in, checked my glasses and the lenses looked nice and clean. Still no go, rub my eyes, put in eye drops and still can't see worth a darn. Decide to clean my glasses, ah ha one of the lenses has fallen out. What a relief! Hunt around, pop the lens in and I can see. This is one of the multitude of glasses I have floating around, I buy them at Sam's 4 pair at a time. My nice tri focals Molly decided would make a nice snack so safer to use these others. I need lots of them because something is always happening. Of the last four, one pair was broken when I opened the package, one pair washed and in the process lost one of the ear pieces. Another pair was squashed in the truck and no one knows how (yeah, like I believe that one). The last pair is missing a screw, kinda like me it had several loose. The pair I am currently using I found in a coat pocket, so you see my need for back up.

Well, since it is 4:30 am I think I will give sleep another try, knowing of course that as soon as I am asleep the dogs will wake up and want to go out. Good thing I can set my own hours.

Best to you all and pleasant dreams.


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Barbara!

Well, the weather is the usual topic of conversation these days. It doesn't get quite as cold here as it does in your neck of the woods, but for a couple of days we were down to 8 for a low and 18 for a high, then the temperatures moderated and since then we've been in the low 50s with lots of sunshine! Hope I'm not being smug though. And even with our moderating temperatures, I must say I HATE WINTER!

Love the picture of Charlie and Molly. What a nice mama they have to keep them warm and snug. LOL. If you get cold enough, you can just get in the middle there with them, they will keep you snug and warm. LOL.

Hope the weather moderates soon. Meanwhile, stay safe and warm on your beautiful homestead.

Warm Hugs,


Joanne said...

I'll commiserate with you. This past week we've been hovering in the teens, low 20s during the day, much lower at night, and then add in random wind and oh boy, bundle up! And over the weekend we got about 7 inches of fresh snow. It seems this year like it's a real classic winter, just like the good old days! Hope you got some sleep, have a nice day Barbara.

BClark said...

Miss Renie, If I would let them they would be right up on the bed with me. If I could I would bring everyone in, but the goats and barn cats seem to be doing fine.
Thank you for your visit

violetlady said...

How can it be 40 degrees inside the house? You poor thing!
That picture of the dogs is so sweet - my cats sleep close like that, but I can't imagine my poodle doing that.
I hate those nights that I can't sleep. I have been reading late into the night lately and put the book down when I can no longer stay awake.

Nancy Jo said...

I just love that house!!!!
Nancy Jo

PEA said...

Hello dear Barbara:-)

I sympathize with you, we also had those frigid temps, going as low as -40F, which was just plain ridiculous! I was so happy when it finally started to warm up...well we think anything over 0F is warm now! lol

I hope you were able to get more sleep. I often have those kind of nights and it's in the mornings when it's time to get up that I could get my best sleep!

Can't wait to see your table, I'm glad you don't believe in stripping you, I always think that older pieces like that need to be left as is to keep its character:-) xoxo

Nancy said...

The dogs look so cozy!!! You treat them like I do my cats. Can't help but love 'em, can we? I think of all the ones out in the cold to fend for themselves on those cold days and nights....makes one wonder how they even survive.

I love looking at your new header photo!!! Looks so charming!!!

((( HUGS )))