Monday, April 20, 2009

Ah Spring, April Showers and all that

We had some lovely warm weather here until the weekend, but now chilly, windy and somewhat damp. When I was digging holes for my roses bushes and onions I noticed how very dry it is, so we could use a tad more rain. I hesitate to ask for too much as I do not want a flood. A nice thing is that it is starting to be green, so much nicer then the brown it was for so long.
My tulips and daffidills are getting bigger and showing signs of having flowers. I want to put markers where they are so that in the fall I can fill in the blank spots, the catalogs are full of such pretty things. I want it ALL,lol, well not really as I would have to weed it all. I am trying to put in perennials for now until I have things planted to my satisfaction. Can not believe I said that, I probably will never be completely satisfied. Trying to remember what I planted where and seeing if things are going to come up is like a treasure hunt. Gardening in the South lacked this element of suspense.

My indoor garden is doing well, in the foreground is parsley which I usually have a couple of pots growing. In the background by the window is lettuce, I buy the variety so there will be bibb, and leaf and many others to make a nice salad. Oh, speaking of gardens and containers, there was an ad in my Spring Hill order and it looks perfect for space challenged gardeners. They call it the grow box and the website to look at it is, it comes with a guarantee. The price seems comparable to what I have seen in the stores. Spring Hill has been around for a long time, so I am thinking they would not include things they did not believe in. Hope this helps so you can have nice nummy vvegetables all year long. My pumpkins, peppers and other goodies are doing well in the basement and getting bigger and stronger and ready to transplant in a week or so.

I have been hanging things again, opened another box and had an empty space. The rooster on the right I had and found the one on the left at this cool antiques shop I found. What I liked was that they would be able to face each other. So often these things only face one way and that drives me nuts. She had wreaths made of barbed wire, so of course my mind went into overdrive. We have all kinds of barbed wire laying around, so maybe I will make a couple of wreaths.
This is some of my Revere Ware which I love and use all the time. The newest is about 20 years old and the rest is most likely from the 50's. I could probably check the serial numbers for the exact dates. The older pieces were in really bad shape when I got them. I have been able to clean them up pretty well. With the copper bottoms you can not use aggressive scrubbers as it will scratch. So have used mostly baking soda to scrub with, and over time they are pretty good. I have more pieces, but have not found the proper box yet. Once the kitchen is redone and that space robbing bump out thing is gone I will have a proper pot rack. Ah, the dreams.
While in that neat store look what I found, I do not think it has ever been used. The center piece is made of metal and I believe you put a candle in the center. I am thinking that if I could find a tapered vase I might also be able to put that in there so could have fresh flowers. As you no doubt have deduced I like the old things.
Warmer days are coming and I will be back happily planting as soon as this latest spell of chilly, wet has moved on.
Best to you all, Barbara


Mary said...


Enjoyed today's post. We also have the rain and cooler temperatures here, but April showers bring May flowers. The ground here was also very dry. It is to continue to be wet until Thursday.

Love it that your indoor garden is coming along so nicely. The lettuce looks delicious. We don't plant here until at least the middle of May, as there is still a chance of a hard frost.

Enjoy your week, my friend.

Nancy Jo said...

Well you have really been the busy one, my goodness. I wish I had room to plant up a bunch of good stuff, but to many trees and not enough sun. So I will have to go to the farmers market.That does save me on the weeding thing.I ordered a few things years ago from springhill, and still have them. Seems like you have lots and lots of room to plant fun stuff. Lucky you!
Rain here today, but we really need it, everything is getting nice and green and the leaves are just about ready to pop.
Nancy Jo

Stasia said...

Is SpringHill associated with Breck's? I have ordered from both before, and just placed a Breck's order for bulbs to arrive in September. How I miss my garden at our old house! Well, I'm not having another spring here with no cheerful flowers popping up - next year there will be color!

I have started my seedlings indoors: tomatoes, hot peppers, pumpkins, onions, flowers... Can't plant most things outdoors here until mid-May, so I'm getting a head start. I do have broccoli rabe and peas planted outside, and will start lettuce as soon as I prepare a veggie bed.

Love all the copper accents in the kitchen! Very homey!

New donkey arrives tomorrow - let's hope the weather is better than today (wind and sprinkles)!

Joanne said...

Love the revere ware, the copper lends such a warm color to the room. We've had cool temps here too, but dry until today. Now it's only 50 and drizzling, which we do need. Our planting won't begin unti May, but I don't start from seed indoor. There's a great farm closeby with several greenhouses, and I'd be willing to bet they grow the healthiest tomato plants around. We get most of our veggie seedlings and marigolds, petunias, geraniums from that farm. I like helping to support the local farmers, their vegetable and fruit stands are a treasure in the summertime.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Barbara!

You really have been a busy bee! Your indoor plants look good and ready for transplanting soon. And I, too, love the copper pots hung in your kitchen.

Our weather has been perfect while my company was here. They left Sunday morning, and the weather continues to be great. We've had some good April showers mostly at night, and by morning the sun has been back, and the forecast promises 80 degrees by mid-week! Woo Hoo! Time to dig out some more summery clothes.

My lettuce and spinach are almost ready to eat, and I will get my tomatoe plants in this week, and plant some zucchini and cucumners, and maybe a few rows of green beans. That will be the extent of my garden. Lots of flowers are blooming, and even my pink rose bush, which is taller than I, is full of buds. Ah Spring! The loveliest time of the year.

I enjoyed your post. Love to read about all your plans for your garden and house. Have a wonderful rest of the week.



Karen said...

That's a good idea, to put markers where you need more bulbs. I'll have to remember that. I'd like to put some rosebushes in this spring, too. I'm starting my garden from "scratch" which is exciting, I think:)