Monday, April 6, 2009

Missed us, nanny, nanny, boo boo

All is good, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the dogs have not gotten into anything in the last 5 minutes. The sun actually feels warm coming through the windows. What is even more super, the forecasted blizzard missed us almost completely. On Sunday we had a dusting of wet snow and wind, neither of which were anything near the 4-6 inches and high winds we had forecast for this area.

First and foremost I want to thank all of you who visit and leave comments. I sit here smiling and thinking how very much I appreciate the time you take to come and read my blog. When I write about a problem or concern I get wonderful feedback. Trying to describe how good it makes me feel is difficult. I believe that quite often we have the feeling that we are alone with our problems. Being able to bounce things off others brings us the realization the others have many of the same concerns and cares. I chuckle each time I think of Renie being called "the writer lady in the woods". Laura shares my discomfort at personal questions as did Mary and Joanne. I have a new buddy who lives a couple of hours from me in Wisconsin, they also have an older farmhouse and many critters.

This is as far as I got with my kitchen flower garden. I might add more if the kitchen is not done by next winter. I have a feeling it may not be. The list of projects grows daily and the bathroom take priority over the kitchen. I want my claw foot tub!!! That project is behind getting the motor home fixed. At some point in time critters have chewed some of the fittings for the gas tank. Jim will first have to drain the gas tank, then jack the RV up and drop the gas tank down so he can reach the hoses and replace them. They also chewed the water lines so if I want to shower or use the facilities those have to be fixed also. I need the RV to be in tip top shape so I can take it to Chicago for my classes in June.

Tonight is another Garden Club meeting, I am looking forward to it, plans are being made for making the town pretty. I enjoy this type of thing and will feel good to be part of it. It was through the club that I was able to attend the meeting about the arboretum. This will be such an opportunity to get information for local gardening.

Again, thank you all and have a super duper week


Stasia said...

What a relief that storm turned out to be a dud. :)

Your cabinets are BEAUTIFUL! Lovely work!

I was so excited to move here when I heard there was a claw footed tub. Imagine my dismay at finding it only has three feet, and because of the massive lean of the house, it does not drain! I'm thinking it might make a good water trough for the donkeys eventually, or maybe I'll use it outside to wash fleeces. Or a planter? Hmmm, maybe a raised bed! :)

Have a nice garden meeting!

Joanne said...

I just love that kitchen flower garden, and was wondering how it was coming along. It's pretty having flowers yearround, esp with the winter we've had! The Garden Club sounds fun. Ours here does things like filling very large planters around town with beautiful plants. They seem to tend flower beds too on our little green. I'm curious what activities yours will do!

Mary said...


The storm didn't hit here until Monday. Sunday was a beautiful day. Monday morning it was rain, which changed to snow and rain in the afternoon. We now have an accumulation of about 2 inches. This is not what I hoped for in April.

Enjoy your Garden Club. I went to my writer's guild meeting last night and it's good to get out to socialize a little.

Have a great week.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Barbara,

I somehow missed this update. Been so busy. I am so glad the storm missed you, and hope Spring is here to stay in earnest now. Your tulips are blooming? Wow, that's wonderful. Mine are about to, but the irises beat them, and are blooming profusely. Yay!

Love your kitchen flowers, and I know you will enjoy the Garden Club. A network of friends makes life so much more pleasant, doesn't it?

Have a great rest of the week, and Happy Easter, dear Barbara!

Bunny Hugs, ;-)


Mary said...


Thanks for entering my book giveaway. If you haven't read any of Nancy Moser's books, be sure to check them out. She has quite a list and her "Sister Circle" series is something I think you would enjoy.


2 LMZ FARMS said...

love your cabinets. I posted some pictures of the send off for the Troops. I hope that you and yours have a wonderful Easter. And thank you for your friendship don't know how I would have made it this far without ya.