Friday, June 19, 2009

The Best laid plans, etc. etc. etc

My big adventure is rescheduled. Jim worked so hard to make it happen, but Murphy worked harder. Jim had replaced chewed water lines, dropped the fuel tank (a rather nasty hard job) replaced the defective regulator and thought things were good to go. He had discovered that the water heater was leaking and ordered a new tank. It took forever to arrive and when Jim went to install it he discovered that it was not the right tank and was defective. In trying to contact the company we bought it from I discovered a long list of complaints against this company, bummer. So I said no problem I can make do without hot water, just as long as the toilet flushes I am good to go. He hooked up the water and oh no, leaks! Lines had cracked and fittings broken so off he goes to buy parts. Fixes all that, but by this time it is late afternoon on Sunday and we were supposed to have already been there. I could not see being this tired and then driving for 6 hours. I sent off emails and made phone calls to let the school know I would be arriving on Tuesday, not Monday.

Monday we are up bright and early doing last minute things, loading more items and getting ready. Jim has my car up on a trailer we had borrowed and hooked to the back of the motor home. In hooking up the lights he finds that the trailer lights do not work, while he is trying to trace the problem I find a message on the phone. The school has called, "Sorry you could not make the class, you may have a refund or reschedule". What, no, what is going on? I keep calling and only get voice mail, finally at 1:30 I reach a live person. I ask, did you get my messages? No, the phones have been crazy and she had not checked email. The upshot of all this is that they did not think we were going to arrive, it is now late in afternoon again. Talk to Jim, decide to reschedule. Call campground, call school and will now go to September master course. I have come to the conclusion that the cosmos did not want me to leave at this time.

The upside of all this is that my car has a new drive shaft and all the lights and signals work. She is 25 years old and still runs great, my fun little car. I bought new glasses to replace the ones Molly chewed up. The motor home is in much better shape and I now have the bug to do some redecorating, it is an 88 so could use some spiffing up. The downside is that I now have to drag all the stuff back inside, I think I had enough stuff for 6 people. I was not sure what to bring for clothes, what would the weather be like, how dressy or casual. So, I kinda took a little of everything. All the closets are full, as are the drawers. I even bought a new peace lily , love plants. All in all not a huge emergence, I just feel bad that Jim worked so hard for me and then it did not work out.

So back to working in the garden, the strawberries are huge this year and so many of them. My other veggies are doing well and I am planning an herb garden. I have planted several more roses and other flowers. Jim is helping me with my different projects, such a good guy. He brought me some yellow yarrow to add to the pink I already have. I am slowly lining the drive way banks with different plants so I will not have to mow. The peonies really put on a show, and the scent is so nice. I was also happy to have my iris finally bloom, they have the greatest scent also.

The Iris and the peonies were given to me several years ago, the peony a baby from a very old bush. The iris also are an old strain, I have carefully brought them with us through all the moves.

So my friends that is my latest saga, best to you all.


PEA said...

I'm so sorry your plans didn't work out but as you say, with so many problems cropping up, something is telling you it's not a good time to go! lol

We have a pick your own strawberry farm near here but the berries won't be ready until at least mid July. We're just finally getting some heat now and we were able to plant our veggie garden last week. We have such a short growing season and it seems even shorter this year because we had cold temps and frost until 2 weeks ago!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend so far! xoxo

Karen said...

You must be so disappointed after all the preparations. But things always happen for a reason.

I went to a farmer's market today and they had bouquets of peonies that I could smell from several booths away. So beautiful!

Hope you're now enjoying the lazy days of summer:) But I suspect there isn't a lot of time for idleness in your busy life. You always sound like you love what you're doing.

recoveryagent2 said...

I was so sorry to hear that your trip was cancelled. I know how much you were looking forward to the trip and how excited you were. I certainly understand..."the best laid plans" but I also believe all good things in time.
The heat has hit Orlando quickly, with gusto, and the 4th will be Red, Hot and Blue..with fireworks of course. We will doing Meison's 4th birthday and a B'que. Hope your holiday is fun.
I'm babysitting the girls every afternoon this summer so my hours of freedom have been curtailed in favor of fun with the kiddos. A fair trade. I'm off to buy ribbon for making hairbows, flower pots to paint and bubbles to blow. Life is good.
Take care my northern friend,

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Barbara,

My goodness, so many things going wrong! You are fortunate to have Jim there to help. Sorry about your trip. But enjoy the garden, meanwhile. Those strawberries sound luscious! I have zucchini and cukes ready, and lots of green tomatoes waiting to ripen. Can't wait for that first ripe one!

Sorry I haven't been around much. Blogging has taken a back seat these days. Have a great week, Barbara.



Nancy Jo said...

I wasn't tired until I read this whole thing! Good heavens!! Wished we lived nearby, my husband is a plumber construction person we could have helped. Well the bright site is you are playing in your garden again and the strwberries are in. We were just talking tonight about going to pick some here.
Guess you can look forward to Sept now for your trip.
Nancy Jo