Sunday, June 7, 2009

Onions in my purse and Lady Bugs in the fridge

What a hectic time it is around here, so many things to plan and get done. Ever notice how it seems as if we have all the time in the world and then suddenly the deadline is here?? That is kinda where I am right now.

The onion was in my purse because I put it there when I was working at share, that is the food program that provides low cost items. I try to volunteer there as often as possible, and support this great program. I stuck the onion in my purse as it was trying to roll away, of course I then forgot I put it there. Later that week I am in the store and looking for something and there is the onion.

The Lady bugs were in the fridge cooling off, and I forgot there were there. Good thing the instructions say they can stay there for up to two weeks. I released them into the garden a couple of nights ago. I had ordered them as pest control, we have lots of the Asian lady bugs but I wanted the old fashioned kind. Hopefully they will like our yard and stay.

Let's see, what else, oh I now know I do not like MRIs. I flunked my first one and had to go back and try again with drugs. Received a hint from one lady, close your eyes before they slide you in. The second time I did that and also had a cloth over my eyes, along with the drugs, ear phones and my panic button and lots of talking to myself I made it through. Will find out results next week. Amazing the things we find out about ourselves, I kinda figure I can bluff my way through most anything, not that. The poor guy slid me in, I kind of looked around and informed him I did not think I could do this and to get me out! Whoa, not a good feeling.

This coming week is going to be crazy, next Saturday is the wedding reception for 150. Doing the cakes, sandwiches, potato salad, macc salad and fruit and veg trays. Then Sunday I leave in the Motor Home for outside Chicago for my classes. Not sure if I will have computer access or not.

So my friends, I hope you are all well and happy. I wish you a wonderful rest of June and I will get back to Blog land as soon as possible. Hopefully the classes will give me many new ideas and skills and by the end of summer my shop will be together and ready to go.

Best to you all, Barbara


Joanne said...

You've been having a busy spring, for sure! Here our weather's been overcast and dreary much of the spring, but we got our gardens planted, tomatoes, veggies, and summer flowers. Good luck with your classes in Chicago - make us proud!!

Mary said...


I would love to get ahold of some of the old fashioned red ladybugs. They were so nice and we were always told they were good luck. Now the oranges have invaded and those things bite!

Love the onion in your purse and the ladybugs in your

I would never be able to do an MRI unless they put me under. I am extremely claustophobic and cannot stand loud noises, so it would be to no avail. I would panic.

Take care. Enjoy your trip and have a great week.


Karen said...

Love your title, onions and ladybugs:) I've never had an MRI, but had to take my daughter for one last year. I sat in the room with her and even that made me nervous. She fell asleep during the procedure, but that's kids!

Have a good rest of the month. I know what you mean about feeling like you have all the time in the world and suddenly you're slammed with things to do. Good luck with the wedding reception! Post pictures if you can, the food sounds delicious!

violetlady said...

Sorry I have not stopped by for awhile. I have not been a very active blogger lately. My husband cannot do those MRIs. He has to do the open MRI -- you should try that if you ever have to again. That and valium did the trick for him. I hope you are okay. I loved your onion story. Sounds like something I would do.

Jo said...

I have to tell you that if I came acroos a book with that title, I would definately buy it. lol

Hope you are enjoying your trip and learning lots.