Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tis the season of dirty fingernails

We have had a few spells of warm weather and rain and now things are really popping out of the ground, especially the weeds.
I can never seem to resist trying to pull them all up, and never seem to have my gloves handy. I am very pleased to see that most of my roses are coming back. Especially pleased about the 3 heirloom ones I bought in the fall, buying late and them being zone 5's it was a gamble. Seems that all my winterizing worked and they all are covered with leaves, yea!!

A few short weeks and I will be off on my journey, I am thinking all positive thoughts that nothing will go wrong. I really want this to happen for so many different reasons, my own satisfaction and knowledge and the old monetary reasons also. I already have people who want me to teach them so am thinking that might not be a bad thing. Mostly, am excited about all the new things I will learn and sharpening up the skills I already have.

The newest dog is settling in and getting along well with the other two. She is beautiful and apparently not well treated in her previous home. If you raise you hand she hits the floor, raise your voice, same thing. The newest chickens are growing fast and I am looking forward to being able to allow them out. I want them to be pretty good size as I have cats in the barn and do not want a catastrophe.

Just wanted to check in and let everyone know I am still around and thinking of you. My special thoughts go out to our beloved Violet Lady and her husband on the loss of their much loved Beau. He was so special to them, a valiant little poodle. Good luck wishes go Edie Marie's Attic and hope their move is going smoothly and that their new home is just perfect for them.

My oldest son Erick is getting married in July, seems like yesterday he was a little curly headed imp. Oh, well time marches on as they say and we all get older and hopefully wiser.
Jim still has had no luck in finding a job, going on 5 months now. I am sure something will turn up, but sure makes things tight. Glad we will have our garden to help and of course not having to use as much electric or gas for heat. Our older chickens are giving us 10 eggs a day so that is a good thing.

Best to you all,


Nancy Jo said...

Hi Barb,
I must have missed something here. Where are you going??
So Happy that the warm weather is trying to get here, As I see you are.
Nancy Jo

violetlady said...

Barb, where are you going? Sounds like you are furthering your education in some way? Horticulture? And thank you so much for mentioning our little Beau. Friends like you mean so much. We are hanging in there -- some days are worse than others.