Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rain and other things

We have had rain for days, we really need it for the water table but as far as the crops go we have had enough. We are lucky in that we are not having all the horrible floods like some parts of the country. So sad all the campers who lost their lives, out to have fun with friends and family and such a tragic end.

The wet weather is wrecking havoc with my strawberries as they are getting moldy before they can ripen. We did pick about 5 pounds which I will make into jam so all is not lost. The rain is also slowing down my working in the gardens and yard, our soil has a lot of clay in it and when wet is like glue. You try to dig and your shovel is coated with dirt as are your shoes and gloves. I still have many pumpkins to put in so they will be ready by October and Halloween. Our temperatures have also been very low only in the 60's which also hinders growth. We were actually warmer in May. My good friend Ellen is cleaning out her greenhouse and I have been the recipient of her bounty. I help her as much as I can and she pays me in plants which works wonderfully for me, especially now when finances are strained to the maximum. Now I have about 50 or so more vegetable plants to find homes for, so really need to be able to dig.

The upside of all this is that my roses are all blooming, as you walk around the yard you catch the fragrance of them. I only lost one rose bush this year which is a big plus, just have to make sure to do all the extra work in the fall.
The first picture are a couple of the shrub roses the first to grow and bloom. The one in the back is so fragrant, the pink one looks like porcelain. This next on is called Maria Stern and is so striking in the garden. It reminds me of one I lost called Tahitian Sunset, Sunrise?, one of those,lol. The final picture is of one of the peonies which also has a wonderful fragrance, this one was given to me over 10 years ago as a pup from an 80 year old bush. I have dug it up and carted it with us for several moves.

I am not sure what is up with blogger or is it me, it keeps underlining things like it was a web address, strange. It also keeps changing my type face, never a dull moment.

We are moving closer and closer to oldest son's wedding and I am starting to stress. I tend to do that as I want everything to be perfect. I have started putting things in the motor home to make sure I do not forget anything. I have double checked to make sure I have enough boxes for all 300 cupcakes. I need to take out the stand and make sure all parts are present and accounted for and to decorate the edges. I am going to trim the edges with red ribbon as the wedding is Badger colors of red and white. I will also check with Ellen to make sure she can get me the flowers for decorating the stand. I do not want to let them down so please keep your fingers crossed, lately few of my plans have worked.

I am still working on the chair, the flowers I want on it are giving me fits but I am determined to get them done to my satisfaction. If worse comes to worse I will sand them off and start over. I already have the next chair planned so need to get this one done, as it was our prototype it has taken forever. Now that we know how it works the next ones should be a breeze.

I am still trying to find some sort of employment to help out, Jim's unemployment just does not stretch far enough. He did have one good interview and we are waiting to see if he will advance to the next level. I thought I had a summer job through Manpower, but turned out they had enough people so I am back looking. Trying again with Arise to see if there is any work from home jobs that just might be in this area. In the past all the jobs were around us, but none in our state, just so annoying.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day, week, month!!


violetlady said...

Thanks for posting all the news! I am afraid I have been totally negligent in posting anything on my blog or even keeping in touch with other bloggers. I will get to it eventually. We really need rain here in Delaware. I can't get much to ever grow anyway and this season is worse than ever and it is still technically Spring. Take care, Barbara, hope Jim finds something soon. Is your son's wedding cake a cupcake cake? Sounds like it. You are so very talented.

PEA said...

You can send the rain over here if you want, we're in desperate need of it! With so little snow over the Winter and such a dry Spring, everything was tinder dry and we've had more forest/bush fires in the past month than we usually have in a year!! Our lakes, rivers and ponds are at the lowest levels they've ever been. We did get some rain the other night but we need a few days of it for it to make a difference!

I know how too much rain can play havoc with a vegetable garden so hopefully you'll get much better weather soon. In the province of Saskatchewan, they've had so much rain, the farmers haven't even been able to plant anything yet!! Crazy weather everywhere it seems.

I have no doubt your son's wedding will be perfect and I love the sound of those cupcakes you'll be making for it! Remember to take pictures:-)

Good luck to both you and Jim in finding jobs! It's terrible how many people are out of work everywhere and yet the bills don't stop coming in! xoxo