Thursday, June 24, 2010

Well it is finally done!!

Jim and I have been working on perfecting our Adirondack chair with hopes of selling them. So far the feedback is great!! I have several other designs in mind and Jim wants us to do one for the 4Th of July. Someone even suggested getting a booth at our local fair , so might give it a try.

We are making progress in the cleanup, Jim has cut up quite a few of the limbs. Still trying to get a handle on all the weeds, lol. The garden is nearly completed, if the weather continues nice for a few more days I should have it all done.

I seem to have passed most of what is needed to work for Arise, now hit a stumbling block in that you have to pay to get some of the certification done. Phooey!! Oh, well , will figure something out I am sure.

Best to you,


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