Friday, October 29, 2010

The babies are here!!

Jim picked up the babies and they are installed in the basement for the time being. They are so small and so cute!! We have the cage all closed in to keep the temps up, supposed to be 90 at first and then slowly open it up more to lower the temps. By the time they are a couple of months old they will go out to the barn. Jim has been working on a nice place for them until they are big enough to run around more. He will also begin work on the larger coop for the older ones.
All of the chickens lay the brown eggs that people really seem to like. From what I have read with the chickens being pretty much free range the eggs actually more nutritious. As I mentioned previously the brown eggs go for more, so thinking next summer will be making a bit more, yeah!!

Hard freeze last night, no more maters from the garden all froze!! With the work Jim has been doing to the windows the house seems much snugger. We have had some really high winds and not a window was rattling or curtains blowing as in the past. Temps are still modrate compared to how low they are going to get, but I am pleased. He keeps finding new places that need insulation , he finally calmed the windstorm in the dining room which is more then good. Little by little,lol.

I am off to my nest as tomorrow will be a pretty long day, will be on the phone for most of the afternoon and early evening. If you know of anyone looking for something to do from home, have them get in touch.

Best to you all,

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Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Barb!

I'm so excited that you got some more chicks, they are so adorable and Jim has made such a nice toasty place for them to grow & snuggle.

Sounds like Jim has been busy making your whole house a snugger place for the coming winter - Atta boy Jim!! There's nothing like a warm cozy den in the winter.

Are you liking your phone job? I'm doing a phone job at a catalog center, been there over a yr now. It's so busy right now I'm talking constantly from the time I sign on to the time I sign off. Tis the season LOL.

Big warm hugs to you & Jim!!!
Love, Sherry & Wes