Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wild weather all around!! Thought the moon looked rather Holloweenie, wish I could get a shot that shows the face but have not figured out how to get it. Another challenge!! Lots of wind the last two days which in some ways was good, Jim found lots more leaks to fill in and stuff insulation in. The current puzzle is how to cut out the draft in the dining room. Jim finds it a real challenge to get insulation into some areas due to the construction of the house. He took some drywall down in the dining room and there is no insulation in the wall behind it, just lots of boards. All this is the upside to him being out of work, so much is getting done around the house. He has taken out and recauked all the old windows and done any repairs needed to them. When reinstalling them he is moving the molding over slightly so that the fit is tighter and hence no more rattling windows. Right now he is out putting our panels back up in the animals building to close them in and keep everyone warmer.

Tomorrow morning we go to pick up 20 more baby chicks to increase our chicken herd. Jim finished the new area for them so they will be toasty warm. At the rate the eggs are selling we figured it could not hurt to purchase some more. Buying them now gives them the winter to grow and by spring they will be laying also. As I mentioned before I plan on finding a larger farmer's market where I will be able to charge more for the eggs. Around here I only charge $1.00 per dozen which is very reasonable considering that in the stores brown eggs go for $3.00 plus a dozen. I have people showing up and buying 15 dozen at a time because they like them so much.
We went to the Fall festival and took a couple of the bigger pumpkins, didn't win but it was fun.
I really like the type that did win and want to grow some of those next year, they were so pretty. An other project,lol.

Jim went on another interview and all were impressed with his skills and all the certificates he has for different classes, that is the upside. The downside is the constant comment was "over qualified" , grrrr. He explained that we do not want to move and he is trying to find a job within driving distance so he does not have to live away from home again. They are supposed to make a decision by next week so we are keeping our fingers crossed.

We are putting up fliers all over the place for "Rent my Hubby" and Jim is picking up a few small jobs here and there. I am counting on word of mouth to spread his fame and bring in a bit more to keep us afloat. Never hurts to try.

I am trying to pick up more hours with my job to help, just so hate being in this situation, but very glad that with the help of friends and family we are surviving. Trying very hard to count all our blessings. Best to all, Barbara


Renie Burghardt said...

That wild and windy weather covered quite a large area, didn't it?

Sounds like your husband is getting as lot done, while at home. I wish him good luck with the job hunt.

$1 a dozen for those brown eggs is a bargain. No wonder you sell so many.

I enjoyed visiting with you. I rarely get on blogger anymore.

Have a great rest of the week. Hope the weather stays nice.


Karen said...

Barbara, I'm so glad you found me! I lost you, too, not sure what happened:( Sorry to hear about Jim's work status, I hope things turn around soon. It sounds like he is staying very busy and you are both so resourceful.

I'd love to be able to buy eggs from you, wish there were a convenient place closer to me.

Fall on the homestead looks just lovely. Pumpkins, chickens and all sorts of good things.

Happy Halloween!

violetlady said...

Barbara, I think the eggs at our local farmer's markets (only in the spring and summer) are much more than $1.00 - for some reason I am thinking $3 or $4. Good luck to Jim - I know it is tough. Hang in there, girl. Wish you lived closer.