Sunday, March 11, 2012

A couple of Hints

This feels good being back and keeping in touch. I mentioned I wanted to add a dimension to my blog, sharing hints I run across and hope will help others. I learned early about being thrifty and self sufficient from my Grandfather. I have not always followed his good advice, but as I get older it makes more and more sense. Instead of running to the store whenever I need something I do look around and see what I have and how can I use it. In a way the advice I share will be in honor of Grampa's smart ideas.

So my first hint is one I saw on Rachael Ray's show , how to use fresh Basil. Basil is fragile and somewhat expensive to buy fresh. When growing it does not like cold so what Rachael shared makes sense. Instead of putting it in the fridge treat it like fresh flowers, trim the stems and put in a glass of water. The take a zip lock bag or other small plastic bag and place it over the Basil and set the glass on the counter. According to Rachel it will last much longer. I have not tried this but once my Basil comes up I will try it for sure.

There was something else I wanted to share, but can't remember it,lol. I have spent most of the day working on homework and trying to learn tax information. My brain is bruised and not working well,lol.

Best to you my friends


PEA said...

I love basil but have never tried growing it. I will write down this hint to use if I do grow some. Always good to know:-)

Ah yes, income gave me all her papers so that I can fill them out for her as well. xoxo

violetlady said...

I think you just found a name for a new blog "Grandpa's Smart Ideas"! I have done that with basil and parsley. One thing I always enjoyed reading in your blog is about the animals and the gardening you are doing.